5 Reasons Your Pet Business Should Be In The Cloud

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It is well past time to consider putting your pet sitting business in the cloud. A solid cloud software provider offers greater security and time-saving mechanisms than most small businesses can't afford to provide on their own. It is not merely the territory of enormous multi-national corporations with a payroll greater than the population of Luxembourg. Hair salons, mom-and-pop shops, and dog walkers can all benefit from putting their businesses into the cloud.

1.Easy Access

You can access your information anywhere from any mobile device. Most dog walking and pet sitting businesses require extensive commuting throughout the day. Unless there is a pet sitting manager stationed at a home base, taking phone calls, answering emails, and sitting in wait ready to put out any metaphorical fires that arise, you are the one dealing with everything. You need the flexibility to address issues as they come up. Whether you are out walking dogs or out of state at your friend’s wedding, the cloud can allow you immediate access to the files and apps you need to deal with problems as they come up.

2. Peace of Mind

In the event of a hardware theft, power surge or forgetfulness, your data will still be accessible and safe. Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, like Scout, are in the business of protecting your data. We have system engineers to ensure backups are properly performed, on schedule, that the latest security updates are and patches are implemented and we monitor uptime 24/7. The burden this takes off of your shoulders cannot be overstated. Sometimes bad luck happens, but if your information is in the cloud your business will be safe.

3. Grow Faster

Using a pet sitting app to organize your data helps eliminate hours of number crunching and searching for files on different devices. Lost minutes and hours are frustrating and feel like money swirling down the drain. With a cloud pet sitting software, you can do the job you always wanted to do – connect with clients and show why you are the best.

4. Spend Less Money

Using a cloud-based, managed service is much more cost-effective than buying a software package and hiring a staff to maintain it. Running and maintaining your own servers can run into the hundreds of thousands over time. By utilizing a managed cloud service, you do not have to be weighed down by upfront expenses that prevent you from growing your core business, pet care. Cloud computing can also save money on printing. With all your information available online, you won't have to spend money on printer ink and reams of paper. Cloud software is high-end and can provide your business with the same technology that well funded, global businesses use.

5. No Tech Knowledge Needed

When your business is in the cloud, you do not need an IT department to troubleshoot software bugs or keep your laptops, servers, and gizmos updated. A solid internet connection is the main requirement. Your cloud provider will take care of the rest. At Scout, customer service and support are paramount to our mission of helping pet care businesses grow. For a nominal monthly fee, we're here to answer technical questions about functionality and troubleshoot any issue you, your staff or your customers run into. When you go into business for yourself, you are doing so much more than the typical nine-to-five routine. Using cloud software for your bet sitting business doesn't just save you time. It will provide assurance that your time and investment remain safe without breaking the bank.

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