Features For Staff

Conquer your daily jobs with simple scheduling tools, client insights, and mobile notifications.
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hands free invoicing

Daily Schedule

View upcoming and past appointments in an organized calendar view.
zero effort payments

Snap Photos

Conveniently capture and share important moments with pet parents.
adjustable billing periods

No QR Codes!

Don’t waste time hunting for a QR code. Start your appointment with a photo instead.
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Stay Informed

Don’t waste time hunting for a QR code. Start your appointment with a photo instead.
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Works anywhere

Time is money! Instant notifications alert you of last minute schedule changes that help you stay on track.
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Complete Appointments with Ease


Every appointment begins before you even step inside a home. Scout provides access to pet profiles and appointment details so you’re up to speed in advance of the appointment.

Disarm the Alarm

Never be surprised by a security system again! If a pet parent has home security, Scout will alert you before you enter the house. A persistent alert displays the security information you need.

Snap a Photo

Take a picture of your furry client to start the appointment! This photo, along with the current time, is instantly sent to the pet parent so they can rest assured that you’ve arrived.


The app makes it easy to keep track of tasks, take photos of pets and log notes as you move through the appointment. Once you’re done, hold down the button to end the appointment.


Experience with Scout is AMAZING!

Looks great, very modern, and easy to use. It keeps getting better and better with time. I tried many others and no one matched SCOUT. Saves me a ton of time, I am able to compete with big businesses, and customers love it."

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