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"It's so user friendly"

I've been using Scout and absolutely love it. I switched over almost a year and a half ago.

It's so user friendly, the support team live chat is always so helpful if needed, our clients love it (sends pics and report cards of each visit, gps of dog walk routes if enabled), integrated automated billing for clients, integrated payroll, runs all sorts of reports if needed, and so much more.

Deana Lyon
Founder, Ohana Pet Sitters

"Awesome App, FANTASTIC customer service"

I absolutely love this app! It makes it so easy for my clients to request services, to charge my clients, and to get paid!

They are always adding new features to the app as well, most recently they added the option to customize the app to have your business logo instead of Scout's, so cool!

Another great thing about this app is that the people behind the scenes are invested and their work and their customers! They are always very responsive when I have an issue and really go above and beyond to help in whatever way they can!

Sandra S.
Owner & pack leader

"scout - Must-Have for Dog Walkers"

Amazing experience and always get great feedback from my customers too.

‍Scout is super easy to use and all of my customers love it too - it allows me to keep up to date with my appointments and allows me to give a great report card at the end and allows me to upload pictures of the dogs for their owners.

It is super easy to set up too. It keeps all of your invoices and allows customers to pay through the app!

Abby D.
Dog Walker

"Scout was a great choice for my business"

Our clients find Scout easy to use. They really enjoy the visit reports and photos that are automatically sent to them upon the completion of each service. The customer service with Scout is top notch. Best of all the software works properly, every time.

Scout is highly automated which saves me a ton of time on administrative duties compared to the software I had previously.

‍Scout is easy to use and reliable. In the field I need software to work properly, every time. I can't waste precious time uninstalling and re-installing an app and with Scout I don't have to. The app is gorgeous and my clients seem to love it as much as I do.

Kimberley F.

"The best decision for my business!"

Scout was, without a doubt, the best decision I could have made when growing my business from pen and paper scheduling to a software platform.

Customer support could not have been better and the transition to their platform was basically seamless. I would recommend them again and again.

Tasha T.
Founder / Owner

"Great app!"

Easy to use! Convenient! Great design too! Works exactly like it should!

Tanya D.

"Super simple to use. Quick to setup. It just works, so we don't have to."

This software seems like it was built for us. We have been doing sitting/walking since 2001, so have learned some lesson along the way. Most experienced companies are learning the same lessons and then mitigating them in one of a few ways.

Scout is great because it's clear they have learned these same lessons and take you right to the solutions that matter.

Here are the heavy hitters for us that Scout "just does".

- Employee issues (scheduling/availability, payroll/commissions, accountability/quality assurance).

- Logistics (home access details, workflow, job assignment).

- Customer (auto-invoicing, auto-billing, walk status, walker location, request appointments, electronic agreements, etc).

What this means is that we can reduce manual effort which both increases accuracy as well as free up time to focus ON the business instead of IN the business.

In addition to these awesome software features, it is dead simple to use and the support team is spectacular.

New releases are happening constantly and they come directly from customer feedback.

Matt B.

"Scout for the Win!"

I really like the email feature of Scout. I like how I can send certain emails to all my clients at the same time, or to certain ones as needed.

The emails sent from Scout to my clients look very professional with my company colors and logo. I also love how you upload your service agreement and Scout keeps track of who signed / agreed and when.

Unlike other pet service apps Scout allows you to write notes for the owner throughout the service rather than only after the service has been completed, and we can upload multiple photos for the owner to view.

I find the "file vault" feature of Scout to be extremely helpful by keeping important documents organized, and it is easy to upload documents into each client's profile.

Customer service has always been quick to respond and eager to help or answer any questions.

Kasey H.
Pet Sitter / Dog Walker

"Amazing Amazing Amazing"

I'm able to manage all my business reports. Everything I need for my small business is conveniently ready for me at Scout.

Whether it's revenue, payroll reports, income, future income, etc, a nice spreadsheet is a click away.

I also did not feel intimidated by the user interface. And I knew if I ran into trouble or had a problem, the creators were a button away from helping me out. Absolutely amazing.

Myles M.
Dog Walker

"Great App, Great Developers"

The developers are always trying to improve the software to make the user experience efficient. Customer service is top notch. They will always answer any issues or confusion you might have with the software very quickly.

I was impressed with the customer service from the free trial. I am even more impressed that after the free trial the customer service had not dropped a bit.

Chris K.
Business Owner

"I love using Scout"

Before Scout, I used another pet-sitting website where I spent a lot time managing the schedule and trying to keep up communication with staff and customers. Since switching over to Scout, I save a lot of time, which means I get to do what I love: playing with dogs and cats!

Here's a few ways Scout helps me do that: Drag and drop in the scheduler makes it easier to change the time of an appointment and the walker assigned to it. I love being able to compare my staff's schedules side-by-side in a visually appealing, easy-to-understand interface. All the appointments are clearly color coded by the different filters you can choose from: scheduled, canceled, late, in progress, and completed.

Scout has a great check in process. First of all, there aren't any special magnets or things you have to search for to check in. Don't even get me started! When you press a button at the front door, the app uses GPS to make sure the walker is at the right location and alerts the walker if they are too far away. At this point, if there is an alarm you're about to set off, it pops up on the screen so you can't miss it, and you don't have to dig around for it. This is a real lifesaver because there have been many times as a walker I wasn't aware of an alarm and set it off before being able to find the notes. This is about the time when the police show up!

Kicking off the check in process is as simple as taking a picture of the pet! This picture is immediately emailed to the customer, letting them know you are with their pet.

We really want our walkers to take pictures, but putting this into practice has always been an issue. Walkers would be asked to take pictures of the pets, but it was no guarantee, and I had to remind them constantly. Scout incorporates taking a picture right into walk process, so clients get a picture every time, and they absolutely love it!

Corinne A.
Manager, Walk it Like a Dog

"Dependable, full-featured software backed by excellent customer service"

I was already using software similar to Scout, but the customer service was so poor, I decided to shop around. I wish I'd done so earlier.

I'm a one-person company, but I'm treated like I'm one of Scout's most lucrative clients. Whenever I have a question, I usually get a response within a minute or two. Seriously.

The developers are constantly adding features while improving existing ones. They rely heavily on client feedback and suggestions, and even have a Trello page set up so I can see precisely what they're working on and which stage it's in.

I've had no technical issues. I like the way it looks. I'm already pleased with it, and new features pop up every few weeks to make it even better.

I think Scout is head and shoulders above its competition.

It has every feature I want from dog-walking software - scheduling, billing, credit-card processing, check-in/-out notifications, photos - and it does them all well. I love being able to add photos from my phone's roll, which lets me crop and add filters if I want.

On top of all of that, the developers are amazingly communicative and transparent about the development process.

Willie B.

"A dog walkers best friend"

I was having a hard time collecting payments before using Scout, and the report clients get are clean and easy to fill out. Even my older clients that are not tech savvy know how to use the app easily.

‍The customer service is simply amazing they are fast to respond to any and all questions or concerns. This software helps keep my clients happy and informed on how their pups did on the services they requested. Easy to use for both clients and employees for booking and to run payroll

Shady A.
Owner, Shady Waggers

"Perfect for our small business"

We love automated invoicing and billing ease of use time saved with clients doing their own scheduling.

We feel secure as a business having our own app Clients love the ability to schedule their own appointments checkin and checkout report cards.

Nathaniel K.

"Scout is absolutely amazing for my business! "

They make everything so easy, from scheduling to billing. I couldn't ask for anything better!

‍I love the simplicity of the layout, for both the website and the app for owners/pet sitters. Everything is so easy to figure out, but if you ever need help, their support is incredible!

I've had a few issues (of my own doing!) so far, but every time I've reached out to support, they've responded very quickly and in a friendly manner, not like most companies these days!

Their apps are very user-friendly, for pet owners and sitters, and they offer all of the features that you could want for your pet sitting business.

I couldn't be happier that I found out about them, since I'm switching from a pet sitting website to my own business, and Scout has made it so simple and pain-free!!

Nicole Y.

"Efficient App!"

I'm really happy with Scout so far! It's not perfect, but it's newer, and I'm sure any features they're lacking now will be updated in the future.

‍I tried out several popular software systems and apps before choosing Scout. This app was the most user friendly on the customer/client side.

Keeley L.

"Great Experience So Far!!"

It was pretty easy to transition all my clients over to it. Customer service is super fast to respond to questions or concerns. And very knowledgeable and helpful.

I have already recommended to others and will continue to do so!

Angelic S.

"Scout is Amazing!"

I tried a couple other apps before this one and I can't believe the difference! Scout is so easy to use and is constantly adding more functions and updating to make things even better.

The app interface is simple, clear and beautiful, so I feel great using it to represent my business with my clients.

The schedule syncs right up to the invoicing and bills my clients automatically - I can't count how much time and energy this has saved me, it has completely transformed my business.

Last and best, the customer service is out of this world good. They have a live chat option with REAL PEOPLE, not even a bot. 11/10.

Jayme W.

"Scout Software "

My overall experience with Scout has been super positive. I appreciate the ease of use and customer service.

‍The pros associated with cout software begin with the customer service. Any time I have needed help or had a question, the cout team has always been quick to respond and helpful.

Abby B.

"Amazing Software"

Great service all the way from the initial consultation through to support with daily use.

Amazing software right out of the box with an amazing and reactive support service 2nd to none. Your clients will think you've invested thousands in your custom pet up

Colin W.

"Perfect for our small business "

Ease of use! It was simple to set up (took less than an hour). Clients love the ability to track and book their appointments. Being able to use my existing invoicing software

Savannah K.

"Changed Our Business"

Ever since we've adopted Scout into our business, it's been night and day. It makes our services more transparent and easier for the customer to book.

Scout's customer service is also amazing. You never feel they're too busy to help and they always get back to you if they aren't able to help right away.

Greg L.


I have been having a really good experience so far. I haven't been using it for that long, but it is serving my purposes well.

This is a great app for tracking my appointments and invoicing my clients. I am a member of both Wag and Rover, and each platform has advantages and disadvantages. I like Scout because it functions very well and I only pay a monthly subscription instead of the platform taking a percentage of each separate booking.

It was designed primarily for walk services so there are a few odd things about overnight bookings, but it lets me manage my business at my own pace which is really awesome.

Dorothy O.
Dog Walker

"Essential Software for Pet Services"

Not only is their product amazing, their support is just as impressive. The (many) times I've had a question, they have gotten back to me literally within minutes. Their level of service is unparalleled

‍This software is the best. It allows for easy interface with customers, management of a schedule and invoicing and billing to all be done seamlessly.

Jen P.

"Great experience!"
They are quick to respond and handle questions promptly.

‍I liked how easy it is to use and easy to navigate through the different tabs.

Karin T.

"Best pet sitting software on the market"

Ease of usability was the most important factor for me when choosing a pet sitting software.

I tried out many different platforms over the course of a year and Scout is simply the best. It's a very attractive platform and I hardly have clients asking me feature questions. It's designed with the user in mind.

I found with other platforms that there were so many unnecessary functions offered that it made the process confusing and added a learning curve.

Hunter B.

"Easier to use than others"

I like that this software has GPS tracking and a lead form.
It has the most amount of features I wanted compared to others

Sara S.

"Scout made running my business much easier!"

Scout made running my business much easier on a day to day basis! Scout allows me to checking and view my appointments via the app when I'm on the go, and I'm able to set up and add clients through the web portal as well.

My clients absolutely love getting information and pictures from the app during and after my visits with their pets.

Ryan J.

"Great features and has made scheduling, billing and payroll much easier"

Really smart, innovative and comprehensive features. The interface is intuitive and attractive.

Scout makes scheduling easy and significantly cuts down the amount of time I need for billing, payroll, and texting/emailing with clients.

Scout's customer service is very responsive and helpful. Best dog-walking business app I've seen out there.

Grant G.
Founder / Walker

"All in one simple app"

Scout has made my life much easier. Instead of taking 1 day a week to invoice and bill clients it is all setup and done for me at the end of each billing cycle.

I love the ability to book clients as well as invoice, bill, and assign employees all relatively easily. Gps tracked walks and pet report cards is a great selling point for my business and it's all included with Scout.

Wes D.

"We love Scout!"

We have tried Time to Pet (no automation), Handlr (customers disliked it), and Precise Pet Care (too clunky and poor interface). We settled on Scout and love it.

While it does not have a few features we miss, the features it does have by far and large make it for it. The customer service is great and they actually listen to their customer suggestions!

It's a breeze to use, customers love it, we enjoy it and it's not clunky or overly complicated. We love the payment automation!

Megan B.
Pet Care Provider

"Wonderful solution"

It meets all your needs and more, and the team is always making upgrades which is really great.

Donald T.

"Perfect for a growing business"

Easy to use Grows with you Professional check in reports Accurate GPS tracking Great customization

Nyssa G.

"It's an overall AWESOME app"

The actual automation/customer portal for everything! I really love being able to have clients be involved in scheduling

Kara D.
Owner / Operator

"Clients love it!"

Very pleased so far and so are my clients. Excited to see the updated version.

Steve B.

"Thanks Scout Team"

Very easy to use and understand and set up. Best part was the customer service. Very responsive and professional.

Mike A.

"Easy for clients and team to use "

I love how intuitive it is and how much of my daily tasks it takes work work out of

Amber R.


The interface is really nice. It looks good and I can customize it. Along with uploading all my paperwork to it, such as client contracts, etc

Corey B.

"The best app for my small business!"

Scout is extremely easy to understand and use and offers many features that are helpful. Customer service is always so great as well.

Monica G.

"Took My Business Next Level"

ery responsive to any questions I have had.

Mike P.

"Pet keeper app"

The functionality and the quality of customer service are the amazing sides of it

Fuad H.
Sales Manager

"I don't know how I did it without Scout!"

ease of use, simplicity, user-friendly, excellent customer service, no cost to the business owner, apps for customer and walkers

Ronny B.

"Scouts is awesome "

It's so easy to use and my employees love it

Alana A.

"Thank you Scout!"

Great! Great customers service too.I like user friendly module for myself and clients

Marlena D.
Dog Walker

"Scout is a reliable pet sitting service. "

Overall Scout is a good service offered to pet parents and i'm happy with it. i feel the care my pets got was good quality and they were happy pups.

The ease of use with the app its quick and simple to create a profile and connect with a sitter.

Jessica S.

"Awesome Software from an Awesome Team"

This is one of the best tools for a growing pet care business. The scheduling management alone prevents human error that leads to dissatisfied clients. The interactive payroll feature makes things MUCH easier if you pay your staff per appointment.

Even during the pandemic, I saw accelerated growth of the company due to more efficient management, staff management (tools for supervising work quality), and more time to actually speak with clients.

Scout is run by a small, responsive team that took the time to walk me through a demo and answer all of my questions.

I was a skeptical at first and didn't believe it was actually going to be worth the money spent, but they had answers for everything. I really like that they also donate a portion of their profits to animal rescue.

I also liked that they are still developing features and using customer feedback to develop the features we really need, rather than the features they thought we would want. They made me feel like part of a community of pet care professionals that are constantly trying to make improvements to the industry. Instead of feeling like I'm a client demanding bug fixes and new features, I feel like we're on the same team, working towards the same goals- trying to elevate passionate, competent, pet care professionals, and help them compete with the app based tech companies.

I'm proud to be working with Scout. I recommend it to other pet care companies who are trying to compete with app based corporations.

Jenn F.

"The best pet sitting software!"

Overall I would give Scout 100 gold stars if I could.

‍Not only do I love the ease of use of this software, my clients do too! So many comment about how easy it is to book appointments, and how simple Scout has made billing (it's automatic!).

Scout is always being improved upon, and the customer service is beyond top notch. Any feature I have wanted for is on their list of "to-dos" to have out by the end of the year.

Brooke J.

"Great app at a great price for pet care business"

Loving that I now have the Upton for GPS tracking & timed report cards. Clients love it and I think it is much better than just texting someone about how their dog did.

‍he price for the amount of features you get. The app for customers is great and the report cards look great! I love that it is nice for my clients and looks great while doing it! Also, no glitches so far!! Works great!!

Claudia M.

"Great app for pet services"

Love the ease of use. They customized to my business with our logo and color scheme which looks awesome.

NO EXTRA FEES! Most other apps take a percentage of the sales. Scout has a flat fee, regardless of how much or how little you make a month. It makes it easy to budget.

Enrique M.
Founder & Senior Trainer

"I love this app, and so do my clients!"

Scout has solved all of my organizational/scheduling problems, and has also entirely managed my billing for me, and for these two reasons alone I'm really thrilled with the software and plan to continue using it indefinitely.

The added benefit of being able to keep my clients updated about their services in real time is the icing on the cake! Being able to communicate with clients in this way has also really cut down on the amount of time I need to spend outside of service appointments in discussion with them - leaving more of my downtime for me.

Love this app and despite a few issues around increased functionality and options, would strongly recommend it to anyone in the industry.

This software is so easy to use - easy enough that all of my clients thus far have been able to use it with minimal troubleshooting from me, and they all LOVE it, even the ones who were initially sceptical or just not as excited about the benefits of the app.

On my end, the simplicity of the app and desktop software made it easy to jump into using quickly - a very minor learning curve. I don't have any employees at this time but if that day ever comes I feel really confident that it will be easy for anyone I hire to pick up and use this software.

The developers are awesome about requesting and listening to feedback from users, and they even have a system in place for users to publicly discuss and weigh in on potential changes - using the Trello website you can even see the updated progress that is being made towards implementing new options and changes.

Also the developers are incredibly good about responding to any and all problems that might come up, no matter how small, in an almost shockingly short amount of time! So the customer service is another huge selling point.

Melissa H.

"An absolute necessity for pet sitters... and pet owners."

I added "pet owners" to the title of this review because I believe it.... If you are in this business and not offering your customers the "peace-of-mind" that pet owners need, you are doing them a disservice.

The Scout app has become our No. 1 selling point to new customers. It is also the reason we retain business. A text and blurry photo just won't cut it anymore.

Every time we walk a dog for the first time, the client emails or calls to say, "This is amazing!" They love the notes, GPS and photos.... I exploit the Scout app on our website and in all of our materials... Aside from love and genuine care, Scout is the greatest benefit you can offer your clients and their pets.

From a customer service standpoint, executives are amazing. They care about their customers, always looking for input and respond to any issues in minutes -- and they truly care about the success of my business....

Honestly, bring the Scout platform to my business was the single best decision I have made to date.

‍Aside from the ease-of-use, billing/payment features, and customization, the Scout app has kept us organized and efficient. It maintains a level of accountability for the walkers that could not be achieved without it.

Mike C.

"Best pet sitting software"

Overall this software helps pet businesses to keep track of their team and their calendars. Their timer on their app and push notifications are life savers for teams and communication.

‍The ability to schedule your team out for future visits and having an application where they can view their upcoming visits is extremely helpful.

Hector C.
Business Owner

"Overall: great customer service and features that cover just about everything--give it a try. "

On the client side, being able to provide my clients with peace of mind via the built-in accountability features: report card including pictures, notes from sitter/walker, and GPS location.

On the sitter/walker side, I like the simple interface where they can access notes directly from the client and the business, they can see the daily list of places to be, keys they need and alarm codes.

On the business side, I enjoy the new messages feature, no monthly charge (great for slower months--they happen!), and the fantastic customer service.

Even though it is a start-up, they put every client first. They don't charge you more for better service, they just provide great service.

Katie K.
Business Owner

"Excellent app"

I love the ease of booking appointments and my clients also love the app and how easy it is to add pets and book appointments. I wouldn't be without it.

Leigh C.
Dog Trainer

"Customer Support is above and beyond"

The customer support is amazing and I am very happy overall. Any features that I'm looking for seem to be in the works.

‍The software is easy to use. I can easily add clients, create appointments and see everything that I have set up for the days in my app.

The biggest pro is the customer service. I ask ALOT of questions and they always answer right away and are very pleasant.

I do love that you can brand the app as your own as well.

Kerri G.

"Easy to use"

Of all the applications I use for business, Blinksale is the most important and easiest to use.

Greg F.

"Perfect App for Personalized Care!"

Using Scout has saved me so much time and money each week when scheduling, coordinating with owners, manually tracking walks and more.

Scout has made it easy for me not only to work with the clients I have now to maintain transparent bookings, but also to help organize leads directly on my own website!

Any time I've needed help or had a question, I've been responded to by the guys that actually helped build the software within MOMENTS. They're not only helpful, easy to answer questions and extremely motivating, but it's clear that they care about their customers (and mine too!)

They even followed up after one owner was having trouble with billing - who does that?! I'm so excited to have found Scout! They've helped my business grow and my stress levels decrease!

‍ving time, money, energy! Helpful responses, quick response time. Genuine staff that care about their customers! Easy billing, easy navigation, and greater transparency for all dog owners!

Claire B.

"Game Changer"

My experience with Scout has been very positive. I don't think I could have made it through the previous holiday season without it. It's invaluable, in my opinion.

I'm working hard to get to full capacity. Once I accomplish that, I'm looking forward to hiring help. Scout's staffing features help make business growth very achievable.

‍The amount of time it saves me. Conservatively Scout software increases my capacity for pet care by 50%. Now when I finish pet care for the day I can make dinner and relax instead of catching up on paperwork and invoicing.

Katie C.

"Great product and friendly/responsive staff"

Overall, very positive. We've had a few issues with customers phones not being updated, but the team at Scout is always right on it and happy to help. We never feel like we're left to fend for ourselves because they're just a simple chat away.

I love the simplicity of using it. The software seemed very familiar from the get-go and most of our customers have no questions at all on how to set up. This saves us a lot of Bach and forth emails.

James G.

"The Best!"

The best feature of this software is the ease of use - its very intuitive and there's little to no learning curve to get the most out of it.

Anna P.

"Scout is PAWesome!"

The software itself worked great not only for me, but for my clients too - I heard nothing but good things from them!

When I have questions for the Scout team, I always get a speedy and friendly responses. Appreciated the emails keeping me in the loop the few times there was technical issues.

‍Easy to use, professional looking, had everything I needed (and more!) to help me run my business effectively.

Sarah J.

"Overall, it is a fantastic program that is extremely inexpensive for what it provides"

The cost is by far the top selling point for this software. I also really enjoy the features that are built in, mainly the photograph check in system. It makes our walker's job much easier.

Colton B.

"Great support"

I can't complain so far. the things I like least aren't deal breakers...just things that I see could get better in the future as the folks there get more input from real people and experiences.

‍I love the Scout app for it's ease of use on the client end. My customers love it and I do as well when it comes to knowing my schedule and all that fun stuff.

Also Scout is very quick at getting back to me with questions and concerns.

Raymond H.

"Detailed, intuitive, well thought out app. "

Good customer follow up with trouble shooting. App is very helpful in running my business. It has allowed me to take on more clients and more staff, to be more organized and present more professionally.

Way easier to use than competitors I tried.

Natalie M.

"Makes you look more professional!"

I've had Scout for my business since August 2020 and I'm still learning new thing about the software. It's made me and my business look more professional and clients love it.

Wayne S.

"Functional and User Friendly "

Overall the experience has been good. Working with this company has made my small business run more smoothly and organized I love being able to keep track of on going appointments and what happens during the appointment and documentation of notes is a plus. The app is very user friendly.

‍Easy to use and set up. Has ways to customize and add business log. Makes invoices easily to send to customers and keeps track of revenue. Can modify and adjust appointments and send notifications to clients without hassle of going through multiple screens.

Customer service feed back is great and they respond quickly to fix bugs or glitches.

Brandy M.
Founder / Primary Walker

"Excellent Customer Service"

One of the things that really makes Scout superior from other Pet Care Software is their customer service. Customer service is fast, and I mean, fast. They solve issues and responds to questions and concerns very quickly, and you can tell they are passionate about this company.

I have immersed myself in competitive companies like PetCheck and TimeToPet, and Scout is so very different. Not only have they simplified their software-- it is also so very user friendly, admin wise, and field wise.

I want to note a specific issue I had: For some reason my appointments were not logging in my route on the GPS map. Not only did rep take the time to troubleshoot this issue, he even offered to mail me a mobile device to test the app-- just in case it was my mobile acting bonkers.

I have never experienced this level of care and dedication with other companies! Scout is fantastic. My clients love it, and our team loves it.

Amghy C.

"The best management software for dog walking / sitting businesses."

Scout has enabled me to manage my business more efficiently, I've minimised time spent on scheduling & can manage my team more effectively.

Scout has also has enabled plan my business growth knowing that I have a reliable tool to manage some key parts of the day to day functions within the business.

Amanda E.

"World-Class and Cost-Effective App!"

This software is "Made by Dog Walkers for Dog Walkers" (they should be using that tag line somewhere!) , so they definitely get it.

It's not just some tech folks building something because they think it's cool and can be useful. It's built becuase they know what needs to actually be in the app to create value for their user base.

For me personally, the key value is the automation of many manual processes and providing mobile, real-time data.

Travis L.

"I love Scout!"

I have been using the scout app for about 6 months now, and I love it!

I never have issues with the app, and customer support is great. No complaints!

Everything is very customizable to fit my needs.

Kelly R.
Pet Sitter

"Experience with SCOUT is amazing. Everything from email replies to their software is exceptional!"

Saves me a ton of time, I am able to compete with big businesses, and customers love it.

Looks great, very modern, and easy to use. It keeps getting better and better with time. I tried many others and no one matched SCOUT.

Esteban H

"Lifesaver "

They offer unbelievable almost instantaneous customer support.

Sara D.

"Scout for petsitters"

The support staff is always willing to help with a problem or walk you thru a tutorial

Customers like receiving the daily reports and being able to keep track of their pets while away

Nicole P.

"Scout software is exactly what I needed to better organize and manage my growing business."

Simple, easy to learn, very affordable. Customer reps are amazingly responsive to questions and open to suggestions.

Cheryl M.


Great software a must for pet sitters & walkers, the GPS option is excellent and helps my clients feel at ease. The pet report could be a little more elaborate but works well.

I like the simplicity of Scout, the GPS option is a great tool for pet parents so they don't have to constantly text or call for reassurance that you are with their pet.

Ashley R.

"Best software and team"

Love the continuous improvement and features.

Katie K.

"Excellent software to help your business!"

Very easy to understand and use both from an owner and client standpoint. Scout's customer service is top notch and they always reply quickly to my questions with solutions that work.

Elizabeth S.


Simply amazing, I have used other apps similar but non can compare. I had great customer support and positive feedback from my clients on how much they like this app!

The smooth interface loads scheduling quickly for myself and for the clients GPS map of our walks Reminders to clock out (which I truly needed) I absolutely love that the weather is right there in the corner as well!

Mira M.
Dog Walker

"Starting out "

Love Scout! Easy to Keep track of schedules and billing.

‍I love the ease of Scout, I was able to set up all of the settings myself with little help.

Lauren B.
Dog Walker

"Professionals choose Scout"

Scout has provided my business with the technology I needed to provide a professional and polished service to my clients.

There is the highest level of customer support that I have ever experienced in any company.

Michele K.

"Best software and team"

Love the continuous improvement and features.

Katie K.

"Must Have for Start-Up Pet Care Business"

I've had a wonderful experience with Scout. It' helped my business look and be professional right from the start. I recommend the software for any size pet care business.

Very easy to use for both me and my clients. Puts my business on a similar level to large companies such as Wag by having map and report card features

Shannon D.
Pet Care Professional

"Feels like Apple"

Makes my life easier and gives such a good impression with our clients. Thanks

‍The UI is so impressive. Ease of Use, video tutorials. I really appreciate Rep reaching out to see how things are going with start up.

Johanna S.

"So helpful"

It's been very helpful in my startup pet care company, my clients seem happy and have enjoyed the freedom to book via an app.

‍It's very easy to use and fairly easy to setup.

Christin G.


I'm fairly new in my business. As a single user, I find the Scout app to be very helpful to me. Their support is great. The price is excellent.

Love the ease of use, pricing, and, customer support.

Diane R.

"Amazing app for dog walkers!"

Amazing customer service, and the team has done an amazing job developing this software.

‍This app is a must for dog walkers. It gives you and your clients the ability to book appointments, manage staff, automatic invoicing and billing as well as payment collection.

Tyler K.


Very easy to use and great customer support.

‍This software is easy to use and always updating to include more functions. Feedback is taken to heart and customer service is phenomenal.

I'm excited for new updates that allow a little more flexibility on individualized invoices and report cards.

Gabrielle J.
Dog Trainer

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