Where we came from

Born out of desperate necessity to stop embarrassing ourselves in front of our clients, the story of how Scout was born is likely your story, too.
Hey there—

Scout here. We’ve been running things for almost a decade now.

People often ask me why we built Scout. They’ve never seen anything like it before, so they’re curious where the idea came from.

I wish I could credit a spark of genius, or some deep insight. But I can’t. Truth is, we built Scout out of desperate necessity. We needed it bad. Without it, we were embarrassing ourselves.

Way back when, we used to be a dog walking company. As we grew, we kept taking on more and more clients. We thought we could handle it, while still providing the same level of service, but we couldn’t. We were fooling ourselves. Sound familiar?

It wasn’t that we didn’t have the skills — we just didn’t have the right tools, nor the method, to juggle the additional workload. We were disorganized, we were dropping balls, and stuff was slipping.

Quality was suffering, and, as is often the case in situations like this, our clients noticed before we noticed. That was the especially painful and uncomfortable part.

We needed a better way to manage clients, schedule, and communicate. Email, chat, spreadsheets, calls, scattered documents, information here, there, and everywhere just wasn’t cutting it. Systems like that work for a minute, and then they fall apart fast — especially as you grow and add more people to the mix.

We looked around and tried a few things, but the popular tools we tried simply didn’t cut it. So we had to build our own system from scratch.

We focused on building a simple, straightforward collection of tools that could track work so everyone knew who was doing what, keep dog walkers walking,, centralize communication so no one missed anything, and invoice customers automatically.

We started using the system with our clients. They kept asking “What is this? Why don’t more people have this?!” And that’s when the lightbulb went on — maybe this is a product for others, and not just for us? If we need it, surely others need it.So we tweaked it, tightened it up, polished the rough edges, and put it on the market. It was an instant hit.

Turns out, thousands of other companies had similar struggles managing their pet operatings, and needed what we needed.

And about a year or so after we first released it, it was generating more revenue for us than our dog walking business.

So we stopped dog walking (for money at least) and have been focused on building Scout ever since.

Based on feedback, and our own ideas, we’ve made thousands of improvements over the years, with so much more more to come. Scout defined a category, and continues to constantly push that category forward in innovative ways.

It’s been an incredible ride so far, and we have so many people to thank. But most of all, we feel a deep sense of responsibility to continue to make the best product we can for pet companies who desperately seek a better way to work. We’re here for them, almost a decade and running.

Thanks for reading, and for giving Scout a try. You can always contact us directly if you have any questions on the bottom right. We look forward to hearing from you.

❤️ Colin, Brent, & the Scout Team

Our Team

Passionate about building great software and helping small businesses
Colin Keeley

Colin runs the marketing side of Scout.

Colin currently lives in Chicago with his wife and newborn son. Outside of Scout, you can find Colin playing basketball, pickeball, tennis, and wandering around the city.

Brent Sanders

Brent runs the tech and product side of Scout.

Brent currently lives in Cleveland with his wife, young son and baby daughter. He enjoys backcountry hiking, skiing and a good fire pit.

Our Charitable Partner:
Colorado Pet Pantry

The Colorado Pet Pantry is a pet food bank that feeds hungry pets with the goal of keeping them out of shelters and with their families

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