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Scout is a modern, all-in-one software for pet care professionals. Businesses of all sizes use Scout to schedule services, manage information, store documents, collect payments, and much more. Features like Smart Charges and Automated Billing help eliminate administrative work so you can get back to the things you love!

I live in Philly, and while it’s branded as an affordable big city, space is still at a premium. I live in what’s called a trinity. It’s basically 3 equally sized rooms stacked on top of one another, with spiral stairs (no storage underneath)  and two small closets. Without an office, these factors make storing and retaining documents a big issue for me. Scout’s paperless features have helped me reclaim my living space. Meet and greets are much better too. I don’t have to print or carry around a bunch of dead trees, and customers can take their own time to read it before signing. It also means I don’t have to go pick it back up if they want to wait to sign it for any reason.

I mentioned the dead trees, right? Each year, about 15 billion trees worldwide are cut down for industrial use. About 35 percent of them are used to make paper. Assuming there are more than 15,000 pet sitting businesses (conservatively), the pet sitting industry could save roughly 75,000 trees a year. I know we aren’t going to get every pet sitter to stop using paper, but every little bit helps the environment. It’s a team sport.

If saving space or the environment isn’t your main motivator, what about convenience? Accessing and sharing information is really easy when you store documents in the cloud. There is no reason to run home or to your office to retrieve a document, and sharing it with someone should be as easy as copying a link.

There’s going paperless, and there’s going paperless with Scout. Programs like Google Docs and iCloud are great general use document repositories, but they aren’t built specifically for the pet sitting industry. This makes them bulky to use. Scout isn’t just a repository. We integrate being paperless into the platform and provide a seamless experience.

Electronically Sign a Service Agreement

Two months ago Scout released our services agreement feature. In that time, I’ve recycled eight large binders worth of customer contracts and reclaimed half a Billy bookshelf!

How it Works

  1. Write or paste your service agreement in the editor.
  1. Save a draft or publish your final version.
  1. App users e-sign the latest version of the agreement.
  1. Pet owners opt in to request a copy via email.
  1. The date, time and IP address of the signor is stored.

The first time a customer opens the app, they have to sign the agreement. If you make changes and publish a new version, the app will ask them to resign it. Easy right?

Store Files in the Cloud

Even though we’re “more than just a repository”, we do still have to store documents. File Vault, Scout’s cloud storage feature, goes beyond a generic document storage service. Organization and searchability are the keys to the File Vault. There’s no need to create folders or long tail file names. Documents can be:

  1. Associated with a user profile,
  2. Tagged with keywords
  3. Given a general description, and
  4. Shared with the click of a button.

Most of the documents you have are probably related to a staff member or customer. Vaccination forms, pet insurance information,  employee handbooks, and tax forms are just a few examples. In a generic cloud storage service, you would probably create a folder system or file naming convention for each client and staff member. That’s just more work. That information is already in Scout, each user in the system is basically a folder. Also, how many of you are really great at keeping up with your file organization? Definitely not this guy!

Scout’s File Vault also makes sharing documents incredibly easy. Each file has a button next to it that copies a secure link to your clipboard. All you have to do is paste the link in a text, email or even a blog post.

Paperless Throughout

With the recent release of File Vault and the ability to manage service agreements, the entire Scout eco-system is paperless.  In addition to getting rid of paper contracts and user records, we’ve eliminated the need for:

  • new client forms,
  • daily planners,
  • handwritten notes, and
  • physical invoices.

From end to end, Scout eliminates the need for paper. Most of your monthly bills can be paperless too. I’ve opted-in to paperless invoicing for almost everything. It’s good for your environment, it saves your precious closet space, helps you stay organized, and provides convenience which lets you spend time doing what you love!

Start Going Paperless Today!

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Rich Miller is a co-founder at Scout. He received his undergraduate degree in Finance and a Masters in Accounting (MAcc) from Tulane University. In 2008 He left accounting to play with dogs full time.You can check out his articles on pet nutrition, behavior and safety at

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  • Tammy says:

    I’d like to know how you compare yourself to Pet Sitter Plus. I’m looking for another option for software but I like the monthly flat fee rate. Your rate is a fee per appointment booked? That would be a HUGE payment for us and if so I’ll stop researching your site. 🙁

    I saw you listed as a resource with PSI and would like more details or a real person to talk to so I can share my business needs to see if this a good potential match.
    Thank you!

    • James says:

      Hi Tammy, sorry for the delayed reply! This was caught by our blog’s spam filter so we didn’t see it!

      In October of last year, we actually moved from per-appointment pricing to per-staff member pricing. I think you’ll find it much more affordable 🙂 You can check out our prices by going to

      As for how we compare to Pet Sitter Plus: while many of our competitors focus on having as many features as possible, we’re all about providing a great user experience out of the box. Instead of adding a ton of things you don’t need, we focus only on building features that add bottom-line value to your business. And most of all, it’s easy to use and looks great. There’s no other software on the market that focuses as much on design + user experience as Scout.

      If you want to chat with a real person, feel free to use the live chat on our website and we can setup a call.

      I hope your new year is off to a great start!

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