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Features For Businesses

Automated billing, timely notifications, and other features that keep you moving in the right direction.


Hands-free Invoicing

No manual intervention required! Scout automatically generates and sends invoices.

Zero Effort Payments

100% automated collection. Enable credit card processing to automatically charge customers and send a detailed receipt.

Adjustable Billing Periods

Invoice customers on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

Collect Payment in Advance

New! Choose the amount of prepaid credit to add to the customer’s account and their payment method is charged immediately. Prepaid credit is automatically applied to their invoice. Done.

Credit an Account

New! Reward a customer for a referral or fix an error without a refund. Issue an account credit and it’ll automatically be applied to their next invoice.

Flexible Sales Tax Options

New! Do you operate in multiple locations with different sales tax rates? You can set sales tax on a customer-by-customer basis. There’s also a sales tax report to make your accountant happy.

Automate Common Charges

Automatically add fees for additional pets, weekends, holidays, cancellations, and last-minute bookings.

Flexible Payment Options

Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. No credit cards? Track payments made via cash, check or other off-system payment methods.

Client Discounts Made Easy

Do you offer discounts or vary pricing by location? Easily set custom rates for clients on a per-service basis. Packages coming soon!


Branded Communications

Sell your business, not ours! Differentiate yourself from the pack by adding your logo and colors to fully-brand emails that are sent to your customers.

Next Level Branding

Make the app your own. Your logo, your colors, zero Scout branding. For an additional fee, Scout offers a 100% branded pet parent app experience. Check out the FAQ for more information.


Stay in Sync

Built-in email notifications keep managers, dog walkers and pet parents on the same page.

Keep Staff on Track

Time is money! Instant mobile notifications alert your pet sitters of last minute schedule changes.

Target Your Messaging

Send emails to your customers and dog walkers based on appointment date, service type and more.

Mobile Apps

For Pet Parents

Easily manage appointments, view GPS maps, photos and much more.

For Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters

View your schedule, read detailed pet bios, instant calendar notifications, take pictures and more. Group walking supported!

Cloud Storage

Go paperless!

File Vault is the purrfect place to store, organize, and share vaccination records, employee handbooks, and other important documents.

Share Files

Need to share vaccination records or another document that you’ve uploaded to File Vault? With a single click, you’ll get a link that can be shared via email, text or any other way you choose to send.

A computer hand cursor dragging and dropping a vaccination document into Cloud Storage in the Scout app for dog walking and pet sitting companies.


Easily Identify Pets

Customers can add profile photos for their pets, which is not only fun but helps pet sitters identify animals with similar markings.

Access Important Instructions

Show up prepared. Comprehensive bios help pet sitters understand an animal’s behavior, routines, feeding, medications and more.

Show Pet Parents You Care

Let pet parents know you care by acknowledging their pet’s birthday or adoption anniversary.


Track Payroll Expenses

Choose a date range and get a detailed report of what each staff member is owed, including gratuity.

Analyze Your Business

Comprehensive reports provide all the data you need to be compliant and optimize your financial performance.

Audit Employee Performance

Hold your pet sitters accountable. Detailed audit reports help you identify your superstars and maintain the quality of your services.

Sales + Onboarding

Collect Leads

Add the Scout contact form to any website. Potential customers can enter their information and you’ll instantly receive a notification.

No Manual Entry!

Information collected through the contact form is stored in Scout. Track who you’ve contacted and turn leads to customers with a single click!

E-sign Service Agreements

Require pet parents to electronically sign your service agreement. Easily publish new versions and track who’s signed it.

An illustration of a woman and her dog with icons depicting a form.


Make Changes Quickly

Drag and drop functionality enables managers to easily reassign walks and change appointment times.

Group Walks Supported

Schedule multiple households for the same time, track appointments individually, and upload group photos.

Schedule Repeating Appointments

Create open-ended bookings for regularly scheduled pets or add an end date for vacation care.

Spend Less Time Scheduling

The Scout for Pet Owners app enables customers to create, edit and cancel their own services.

Manage Arrival Expectations

Choose to schedule via arrival windows or specific times when creating appointments.

Eliminate the Noise

Advanced filtering capabilities help managers remove unwanted data from the schedule so they can focus on what matters.

Security + Reliability

99.99% uptime

Reliability is everything. Scout is built on top of the same infrastructure that powers companies like Netflix and Amazon.

Automated backups

💩 happens. In the event that the platform is unavailable, you’ll always have access to an automated backup of your schedule that can be referenced in a pinch.


Set Custom Pay Rates

Custom payroll rates enable you to pay different rates based on seniority and merit. Choose either a fixed fee or a percentage of the service.

Build Trust

Adding a profile photo provides a level of comfort to pet parents by putting a face to the name of their caretaker.

Improve Job Satisfaction

Enable gratuity to make it simple for pet parents to add a tip for a job well done.

Grab Your Keys and Go

Do you store customer’s keys in a central location? The daily key list makes it easy to pick up keys for the day.

Stay Informed

Time is money! Instant notifications alert dog walkers of last minute schedule changes to help them keep on track.

Calendar Integration

Pet sitters can sync their Scout appointments to 3rd party calendar apps such as iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook and more.

Trust + Accountability

Arrival Confirmation

Photo check-in is a fun way to be accountable and to show pet parents that you’re with their pet.

Location Tracking

GPS tracking gives pet parents a record of their pet’s journey and ensures your dog walkers complete the appointment as expected.

Detailed Service Report

The report card provides a summary of the visit so managers and pet parents alike can rest easy knowing nothing was missed.

Prevent Early Check-in

Ensure that your pet sitters stay on schedule and arrival expectations are met by preventing early check-in to appointments.

Feels like Apple

The UI is so impressive. Ease of Use, video tutorials. I really appreciate the rep reaching out to see how things are going."

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For Pet Parents

Automated payments, GPS tracking, and photo check-ins, and other trust-building features

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