Smart Charges: Automate Common Pet Sitting Fees

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Pet sitting companies typically charge an extra fee for situations like additional pets, weekends and holidays. Keeping track of extra charges takes a lot of time and there are probably other things you would rather be doing. Billing errors cost dog walking businesses money, and overcharging upsets customers. Are you sure everything is 100% accurate each time you bill?

Introducing Smart Charges

Scout employs a Smart Charge system to automate additional fees, save you time, and maximize your revenue. Like most features Scout offers, Smart Charges are fully customizable. You can assign unique fees to customers and custom pay rates to staff. Managers can edit Smart Charges on an appointment by appointment basis. Scout offers smart charges for:

  1. Additional pets
  2. Last minute appointment requests
  3. Late cancelations
  4. Weekends
  5. Holidays

User-Friendly Design

Scout is also easy to use. Each Smart Charge can be turned on and off easily, giving you full control over the company's fee policies. A time threshold is set to determine whether or not charges are applied for last minute appointment requests and late cancelations. Additionally, Smart Charges can be set to a fixed rate or a percentage of the primary service price. For example, a 30-minute dog walk cost $10.00. You can set Scout to charge customers a 50% fee ($5.00) if the cancelation occurs within 12 hours of the service time.

Smart Charges are just one way Scout is helping business owners save time and grow their business. To find out more about Scout visit

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