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Staff View

The staff resource view allows administrators to make scheduling and staffing changes using a drag-and-drop interface. Time Blocks Now Available!

Advanced Appointment Form

Scout's proprietary appointment form provides an easy to use interface and reduces the risk of scheduling errors.

Automated Billing

Scout helps you get paid, on time, with little to no effort.

Smart Charges

Business owners can easily customize automated fees for weekends, holidays, cancellations, and last-minute bookings.

Scout saves you time so you can focus on what’s important

Custom Rates

Customize fees and payroll for individual customers and pet sitters.

Change Notifications

Using notifications, Scout helps you automatically communicate scheduling changes to your clients and staff.


Scout allows you to fully customize payroll periods review staff pay payment reports including gratuity.

Flexible Billing Periods

Scout bills your customers automatically on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis and allows managers to review invoices prior to processing payments.


Scout includes a simple, unobtrusive call-to-action in the pet owner’s appointment summary email. Pet Owners are able to add gratuity to their invoice with just a few clicks.

Website Integration

Our lead generation form makes collecting leads and onboarding new customers a breeze.

Dog Walking Growth Tools

Give your customers peace of mind with optional accountability features

Photo Check-In

GPS Tracking

Report Card