A Pet Sitting Blog: Why Your Business Needs One

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We aren’t mincing words here. Your pet sitting business website needs a blog. It is a spectacular marketing tool. It reflects your story, your values, and your overall brand. In an age when small businesses have serious competition from companies with a global reach, a pet sitting blog could provide the necessary touch that shows potential clients why they ought to hire you. Having a blog is a key ingredient of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Using a blog with SEO analytics can bring more people to your pet sitting business website and improve your overall marketing.

Tell Your Story

How did you get started? Why did you choose the business you are in? If you believe in your work, then an open-hearted discussion of your passion will attract people. Believe it or not, people are in your corner and they want you to succeed. The more you tell them about your dedication, the more they will want you to do well. Are there community members who helped you out? How about early dog walking clients? Giving pet owners a shout-out is a great way to keep the spotlight on the local folks who believe in you and shows your connection to those who gave you a chance early on.

Communicate Your Values

If you are connected with any sort of charity or community service effort, discuss it in your blog. People want to see businesses that give back. Even if you cannot afford to be a substantial financial sponsor, offering a platform to discuss their needs has enormous value. They may find new supporters who otherwise may not have heard about them. For example, being a dog-walking business with a relationship to local pet rescues can be a mutually fruitful relationship. Being a mouthpiece for them can help them place homeless pets into new homes. And displaying your passion for helping homeless dogs and cats tells your customers that your values may mesh with theirs. A business goes beyond their profit, and many clients like to see strong, positive connections in a local community.

Promote Your Brand

You can burnish your reputation by offering content that is connected to your product, both directly and indirectly. If it is genuine, and if clients want to learn more about your business, then write about it. This allows you to stand out from the rest.

How to Get Started

1. Create a Blog Page

If you have a website up and running, have your web service provider create a blog section. Once that is up, it is very easy to post to it. If you are not comfortable creating the posts yourself, hiring someone does not have to break the bank. Really, all they need is a password and an eye for the basic design.

2. Get Some Help

Both written and visual content are important. If you are not comfortable writing, start by finding a content writer to help. While there are businesses that provide this to you as a service, those writers are spread out and tend to be rather general. It would be better to hire a content writer who knows your subject matter, has a solid background in writing grammatically and factually correct information, and whom you can contact regularly. Finding someone with whom you have a good connection can be gold. Rates will vary based on experience and expected output, but this is an investment worth taking.

3. Create Visual Engagement

Images can be found online, although there is always the chance that competitors are using them as well. If you can use your own photos, do that. The more organic and authentic your message is, the more people will connect to it.

4. Maintain a Schedule

It's important to consistently maintain the blog and keep it updated. When posts tend to be several months apart, if not actual years, then you have very publicly documented that work is not getting done. Yikes! If you cannot maintain the blog, that doesn’t mean that you give up on it. It just means that you need to hire some help. Create a content calendar so that information can be regularly posted. Blogs are one more strategy to get the word out about your pet business and your expertise in working with animals. The more content you create, the more you show up in search engines. Use analytics to refine your content needs and performance. Sometimes blogging and SEO can seem overwhelming with all the terms, but it is not difficult to learn. Getting expert help can provide your business with a tool that frankly, in today’s world, you really cannot afford to do without.

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