Top 5 Pet Sitting Add-ons

Table of Contents

1. Lockout Service

People lock themselves out of houses a lot.  So it shouldn't come as a surprise that I saw this service come up a lot when I was looking at dog walking websites. It's something I do for my dog walking customers as well. The rates vary anywhere from $10 - $100 and typically they have a disclaimer about availability. Do you want to avoid locking yourself out of a house? A wise locksmith told me "Never, ever lock a door from the inside." I have this quote written for the dog walkers on our key locker.

2. Poop Scooping

💩 happens and poop scooping is becoming big business. I don't get many requests for this because it's an urban area, but I see this offered by many suburban dog walkers. It makes sense, you're there already and dog walkers are used to picking up poop anyway. The prices I've seen range anywhere from $10 - $50 depending on the number of visits per month and the number of dogs using the area. Poop scooping looks like a great way to bring in additional revenue.

3. Litter Box Cleaning

While most pet sitting companies offer a cat sitting service that includes litter box cleaning, I also saw it as an add-on for dog walking. And why not? For a couple of extra bucks a week, no more litter box duty. We charge $4 if we're already there for another service.

4. Medicating

Medication service is an important part of being a pet sitter. If you're going to accept the responsibility, you deserve to be compensated. We all probably have war stories about a cat that just would not take their meds without red wedding re-enactment. I saw a lot of price variation for administering medication. It depends on a few factors such as species of animal, type of medication and delivery method. My company doesn't do injections, but if you can put it in food, we'll take care of it.

5. Feeding

This is the most popular add-on in pet sitting. We even include it automatically in Scout. Everyone's gotta eat, right?

Did I miss something? What add-on services do you provide?

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