Improve Communication: The Report Card for Pet Parents

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Communication is Valuable

The Scout team knows the value of clear communication. Have you ever received a call from a customer asking if their pet was fed, was water given, did they poop? Following up on these calls and fixing mistakes takes a lot of time, and for dog walkers, time is money.

Scout created a tool that facilitates direct communication between your customers and your staff. The report card improves accuracy and cuts down on the time spent following up on the day to day activities.  The Scout report card is a todo list integrated with our appointment request form. It helps customers let their pet sitter know exactly what they want and helps you pet sitter provide peace of mind that it was done.

How it works

Your dog walking or pet sitting customer requests an appointment. They select a primary service and any add-on services provided by their local pet sitting company. These selections are pushed out to their pet sitter's app.

When your staff arrives, they complete the check-in process by taking a photo of your customer's pet. Once the check-in is completed, they are taken to the report card, a detailed todo list that includes tasks such as feeding, medication, plant watering, mail pickup, or any other custom add-on offered by your business. The walker checks off the task in the report card after each task is completed. If a pet sitter forgets something important, like feeding, their app reminds them to complete the task before ending the appointment. The report card also has important information regarding the dogs' pee and poop habits. Once all the required items are checked off, the dog walker has the option of leaving a note as well. The report card, notes, photos, and a GPS map are sent to customers via email and are available in the customer mobile app.

Communication is the most important part of any relationship, both business and personal. The report card is the cornerstone of Scout's commitment to improving communication. Both customers and business owners rest easy knowing their pets are properly cared for.

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