Scout Product Updates - January 2023

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Hey all!

We wanted to update you on our progress.

Mobile Applications - The Scout for Dog Walkers app is undergoing more changes. We're continuing to make improvements and fixes to get the new version live. We're increasing the number of photos you can upload and working to get video support added.

Stripe - We have been working with Braintree and Stripe on the migration. Braintree (owned by Paypal) has been pretty terrible to deal with so it has been bumpier than we would like. We will reach out in a separate email next week if your account requires any extra coordination on the move.

Zapier - Our Zapier accounting integrations are live so you can integrate with Quickbooks and Xero now. Reach out to support if you'd like to get access.

Tagging - A tagging system that enables you to tag staff, pets and customers with your own custom tags is live. This allows for quick matching between staff with special skills and customers with special needs.

Improved Reporting - We're starting to roll out a real-time dashboard for business-wide reporting. This will be iterative but we're surfacing the data we have about your business, financials and operations.

Additional Fees - We added the ability for you to add additional fees to your invoices. Some users are using this to pass along credit card fees to their pet parents.

In-App Messaging - Our big next feature to add is messaging. This has been long requested so we are excited to finally get to it. We expect it to be done in the first quarter of this year.

More updates to come!

Colin & Brent

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