Scout Product Updates - February 2023

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More updates from us at Scout HQ:

Check out this Loom for a walk–through of the product improvements.

Stripe - We have transitioned your subscription payments to Stripe. With this change, we are moving to Stripe’s management of subscriptions for everything. You are now able to manage your own subscriptions, credit cards, and seats. Your customer’s payments are still on Braintree and will be the next thing to move.

Mobile Applications - We've added the ability to upload as many photos as you want to your walks. We've also added the ability to retry and recover images and appointments that fail to sync. These sync issues are at the root of the billing issues we've encountered and this will add a new layer of stability to Scout. This release is going through Apple review today and should be out soon.

Tagging - A tagging system that enables you to tag staff, pets, and customers with your own custom tags is going live soon. This allows for quick matching between staff with special skills and customers with special needs.

Improved Reporting - New reports that show future forecasted revenue by service and revenue by staff. We will be releasing more reports as well soon.

Zapier - Our Zapier accounting integrations are live so you can integrate with Quickbooks and Xero now. Reach out to support if you'd like to get access.

In-App Messaging - We’ve begun the in-app messaging work. We'd like to hear from you as to what model works best. Our initial model for messaging is to allow only account admins to message customers directly. Please reach out if you want your staff to be able to contact customers directly. We're all ears on this feature and want to craft it to suit the needs of our users.

More updates to come!

Colin & Brent

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