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Ugh, Payroll

Payroll sucks, right? Every business owner dreads it. Before designing the tools, our team sat down, and we identified why payroll sucks so bad. We were able to narrow the sucking down to two main factors. Payroll is time-consuming, and it's detail oriented. As a result, the calculations are prone to error and re-calculating payroll really sucks. To avoid sucking, we designed Scout to be flexible, user-friendly, and fast.

Flexible, Friendly and Fast

Scout uses a system of "global" and "local" rates. Setup is user-friendly. The global or default rates are attached to a service, add-on or surcharge. Pay rates are calculated using a flat fee or a percentage of the service price. Companies that use timecards or other methods to track hours, can select to make some or all services exempt. If you wish to override the global rate, a custom local rate can be set for individual staff members.

Pay periods are 100% flexible in Scout. Select a start date and end date, and then scout returns a gross payroll summary for each staff member. Best of all, it takes only seconds. Now detailed information is just a click away. Each staff member's summary is linked to an invoice type voucher. The voucher displays detailed information for each service completed during the selected period. If you use a 3rd party payroll provider, enter the amounts from your Scout report and in minutes, you're finished. Suddenly you have more time to do the things you enjoy.

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