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I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. At Tulane's business school, I had the opportunity to learn from an amazing business owner named Sidney Pulitzer. Not only was he a great businessman, but he was also a hopeless romantic. He taught me a lot of valuable lessons. His first lesson was, "Love is the most important thing in the world, and it can't be bought or sold". That was a final exam question. His second most important lesson was, "Don't run out of cash!"

Save Time

Time is a valuable asset in the dog walking and pet sitting industry. It's also a scarce resource. There are, after all, only 24 hours in a day. Do you want to spend valuable time on administrative work? If you're an independent pet sitter, creating and sending invoices, billing payment methods, or collecting and depositing cash or checks takes time. When you're not doing what you love, caring for people's pets,  wouldn't you rather spend your time with your loved ones, furry or otherwise?

In larger organizations, where managers are performing these tasks, the time it takes to invoice and bill customers translate into a pretty big expense. Managers could be spending that time doing things like marketing the business or training staff, performing activities that help the business grow and bring in revenue. Scout's Automated Billing feature is designed to help scale your business by allowing you to focus on quality and growth.

Reduce Receivables and Improve Cashflow

Constantly waiting for payment doesn't just cost time, it can cost you late fees, a good credit rating, and even staff members.  Managing cash flow is a challenge for a business of any size. You need to pay your bills, business expenses, and possibly staff salaries.  With automated billing enabled, Scout businesses experience under 1% open receivables in any given billing period. That's over 99% collection on the day payment is due. With that type of reliability, budgeting and managing finances is a breeze.

I think professor Pulitzer would approve!

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