Professional vs. Amateur Dog Sitters: Which Is Better?

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There are few things as exciting as traveling, but worrying about the well-being of a dog can dampen the experience. So before you leave town, make sure your pet is in the greatest "pawssible" hands.

People who don't want to pay for a kennel but still need someone to watch their dog may consider asking a friend or relative to do it. So is it better for your barking friend to have an unskilled sitter? Let's see who comes out on top amongst paid pet sitters and those who do it on the side.

Professional vs. amateur dog sitters: pros and cons

There are several factors to consider before deciding on a professional dog sitter. However, are there more upsides than downsides? Let's weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using a professional dog sitter against a novice.

Hiring a professional dog sitter

  • They have excellent credentials. Over the course of their career, a professional dog sitter will work with dogs in a variety of settings, including animal hospitals, kennels, and training academies. Many of them also have training in animal care. Caretakers from your social circle aren't likely to have the same level of dog-care expertise.
  • They have insurance. Professional dog sitters typically carry personal liability insurance in case of accidents or injuries that may occur during a sitting assignment. It might be difficult to demand accountability from friends and family members.
  • Your dog will receive customized treatment. Sometimes it's the little things, like food restrictions, that matter the most. Professional dog sitters will pay close attention to your dog's individual requirements. It's possible that a close friend or relative would overlook anything minor.
  • They are willing to go beyond what is expected of them. Professional dog sitters will go above and beyond, doing things like watering your plants and making sure your house is tidy. After all, they depend on their salary to survive, and customers won't return if they receive negative feedback.
  • They react quickly to issues. Family and friends are busy people who may not have as much time to answer your inquiries as you'd want. Dog sitters are usually available whenever you have questions or want an update.
  • They have a fundamental understanding of how to train a dog. Professional dog sitters typically have no trouble keeping a pet dog under control. In the event that your dog escapes while on a walk, a dog sitter will likely be familiar with the most effective retrieval training methods.
  • They're quite serious about their work. If an inexperienced sitter causes damage and doesn't admit it, it could cause tension between the pet's owners and their social circle. If you hire a professional dog sitter, you won't have to worry about breaking up a serious relationship.

Hiring an amateur dog sitter

  • They have a lower price tag. Hiring a professional is usually more expensive than asking a friend or family member to help out, because they are doing you a favor. A good friend might even look after your dog for nothing.
  • They won't feel like an outsider in your own house. Some individuals are reluctant to open their doors to anyone unfamiliar, and that includes new dog sitters. Hiring someone you already know is a good way to avoid having to let a stranger into your home.
  • They have met your dog before. It's likely that your dog knows someone in your immediate or extended family. Your dog may get aggressive or anxious if an unattended stranger enters your home. But, a sitter could get to know your dog better with consistent visits.
  • Your house will be like a second home to them. The first few visits from a professional dog sitter are often considered the "settling in" sessions. A professional sitter may contact you with inquiries regarding the house, including where they can and cannot let the dog go. Yet, those who are close to you and have been to your home before might not have as many inquiries.

In comparison to having a friend or family member watch your kids, there are many advantages to hiring a professional sitter.

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