Review: Modern Dog Walking Software

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Business Owner Review

By Julia B. -  Bark Slope Salon

As the owner of a dog walking and pet sitting business, Scout is basically everything I’ve been looking for. There are a number of administrative programs out there to help organize walks, billing, and payroll, but they all have significant problems. Clients don’t want to have to deal with a difficult interface, and as an administrator, I need an intuitive system where I can get where I need in two clicks or less. The major issue with other applications is they were built with mobile access as an afterthought. Scout is built from the ground up as a modern solution.

The customer service also is second to none. Not only are the developers extremely accessible, but they are genuinely interested in learning exactly why you need what you need and then implementing changes or adding features based on that feedback.

The scheduling page is amazing. The way they’ve set it up, you can easily drag and drop walks from one staff member to another and sort by staff or customer or service status to easily access whatever you need. Both the walker and client apps are set up in a clean and modern way. Can’t wait for the admin app to be released!

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