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You and your loved ones probably have medical coverage. Homeowners insurance is a given if you own a house, and auto insurance is a legal requirement in most areas. In the event of a disaster, this insurance coverage will protect you and your loved ones, as well as your property. What about your animals, though?

Many of us treat our dogs like members of our own families, devoting our time, attention, and resources to ensuring their well-being. But what if anything terrible were to befall them? When this happens, pet insurance kicks in to help.

In 2020, just 3.1 million of the over 390 million pets owned by loving families in the United States were protected by a pet insurance policy. Not even half of all pets! And if you haven't bought pet insurance yet, you might be skipping out on the single most helpful action you can do in the event of an emergency.

It may seem wasteful to invest in pet health insurance, but it can ensure that your dog, cat, or bird always receives the best care possible, no matter how much it ends up costing you. Check out these four reasons why pet insurance is the best investment you can make for your pet this year if you're still on the fence about getting coverage.

Why should you consider getting pet insurance?

One of the biggest money-savers is pet insurance

When it comes to veterinary care, having pet insurance can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. A trip to the emergency room can cost anywhere from $150 to $4,000, depending on the severity of the injury. The costs associated with a pet being hit by a car might easily exceed $5,000. Treatment costs for dog or cat cancer might often exceed $10,000.

Your pet's life may depend on whether or not you can afford care when they need it most; the monthly or annual policy premium and deductible are small in comparison to the percentage the insurance plan will cover. The best part is that some companies offer coverage for preventative treatment, which can extend your pet's life and improve its quality of life.

You have the option to choose your veterinarian

If you have health insurance for your pet, you can take them to any licensed veterinarian you desire, unlike with many human insurance policies. You are free to continue seeing the vet who is most familiar with your pet, switch to a vet in a more convenient location, or seek out a specialist for your pet's species, breed, or medical condition. Do you enjoy taking trips with your pet? No matter how far you travel for vacation or adventure, your pet's veterinary care costs will be covered.

Flexible insurance plan covers any situation

Do you own a Persian cat or a Great Dane puppy? You can get coverage to help you take care of your pet no matter what size they are or how old they are. Do you share your home with pets? Many insurance providers offer discounts for having more than one pet, so you can save money and still get the best medical care for your dogs. You and your pet can pick from a variety of coverage options, such as accident, illness, and wellness plans that include regular exams, vaccinations, and spay/neuter surgery. The next step is to settle on a premium, discount, and payment schedule that is convenient for you and your loved ones.

The right insurance plan can provide peace of mind

No one ever wants to have to decide between keeping a pet and adding to their finances. And many of us don't have the money to meet unexpectedly large medical bills when they arise. The stress of dealing with unanticipated medical expenses is compounded by the fact that veterinary medicine is continually developing novel treatment options that can raise both recovery rates and medical costs. With the appropriate pet insurance, you and your family can make an informed decision about the best medical treatment for your pet without worrying about how much it will cost out of pocket.

How to start pet health insurance comparisons

Finding a policy that covers both your pet and your budget might be a challenge, but insurance for your pet is available. Learning pet insurance terminology will help you explore provider websites and policies and choose the right one.

Consider these questions when comparing plans:

  • Should you purchase puppy insurance, or settle for an older pet policy instead?
  • Is there a restriction on the dog's age or breed?
  • Is there a policy regarding birth defects, genetic disorders, and preexisting conditions?
  • Do you need coverage for accidents, illnesses, or preventative care?
  • Tell me about the premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.
  • Does the service provider have any coupons or deals?

When an unexpected incident or disease strikes your pet, having pet insurance in place can give you peace of mind that you'll be able to provide the care they require.

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