6 Frequently Asked Meet and Greet Questions

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Are you looking for a dog walker or pet sitter? We know choosing a pet sitter or pet sitting company can be a stressful experience. Your trusting someone to come into your home when you're not there. You're asking them to care for a member of your family who can't communicate. Scout is built on the premise that successful businesses are accountable to their customers.  To help take the edge off a little, we've put together some sample questions for pet parents to ask potential sitters.

This isn't just a pet owners post. These questions are a great starting point for pet sitters who want to start or grow a pet sitting business. Being organized and informative during a meet and greet is the first step to building a trusting relationship.

Is your company insured and bonded?

Yes. The only answer to this question is yes. Dog Walking is fun and cute, but working with animals risks. Many dogs have anxiety issues, and that can make things complicated. Insurance protects pet owners and service providers from unforeseen accidents.

Does the same person walk my dog every day?

There is no correct answer for everyone. It comes down to lifestyle. Do you need consistency, flexibility, or a little of both? Do you need the ability to schedule last min appointments on a regular basis? Some dog walking companies provide customers with a consistent dog walker each visit, but they may require a certain number of walks per week. Others may allow ad-hock and last min scheduling but not the promise that the same walker is assigned each time. When you're interviewing a dog walker, have a clear picture of your lifestyle and your pet's disposition. Choose a company with the right policies to fit your needs. A good fit is important for pet owners, pet sitters and the pets we care for!

Does your company offer dog walking in groups?

Is your dog a social butterfly or do they prefer quality one-on-one time with their human? If they enjoy an afternoon on the town with their furry friends, a number of companies offer group walking. It may save you some money too!

What if my dog is afraid of other dogs or people?

If group walks aren't your dog's thing and you would rather, private, personalized walks, make sure your dog walker knows not to socialize your pet. If you choose a company with multiple dog walkers, find out how they communicate your instructions to their staff.

How do i know someone showed up?

Building trust is important. A few things owners should look for is timeliness and professionalism. You should ask about any dog walking software the company uses to provide accountability. Here at Scout, we use methods such as geo-fencing, photo check-in, and GPS tracking to help companies provide transparency. By using dog walking software like Scout, a company is telling you they care about being accountable.

Both pet parents and pet sitters should use a meet and greet as a time to build trust. This relationship should be mutually beneficial. If it's not a good fit, it's best to move on, with no hard feelings. Both parties should want the same thing, what's best for our animals!

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