Mastering the Pet Care Meet and Greet

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A new pet is an exciting and rewarding addition to your family. The initial meeting is frequently required whether adopting a pet from a shelter, hiring a professional pet sitter, or boarding your animal companion. For your pet to grow up in a happy and comfortable environment, this first meeting is essential. We'll go over all you need to know to master the pet care meet-and-greet procedure in this detailed tutorial.

Here are some useful hints for doing a fruitful Meet & Greet with your new clients for dog walking, pet sitting, and pet care.

Prior to the Meet and Greet

There are a few things you can do ahead of time to save time and ensure everything runs properly when scheduling or attending a Meet & Greet:

Determine the format for your meet-and-greets.

Traditionally, meet and greets take place at your client's home. Your new client (and their dogs) got the opportunity to meet you in person and ask you any questions throughout these encounters. The Meet & Greet procedure for many pet care services has been permanently changed by Covid. Present-day meet-and-greets frequently take place virtually. It's crucial to define how your company will handle meet-and-greets. Will they all be present in person? 100% digital? Or will you let your new client, a pet parent, decide what suits them the best?

First phone call

Whatever method you choose to use for the Meet & Greet, it is a good practice to screen all potential customers first over the phone before setting up the meeting. Make sure you only schedule Meet & Greets with potential customers who are serious about using your pet care services and are a good fit for your business, this will help you save time in the long run. Make sure you probe deeply to understand the client's requirements and expectations. Additionally, give the client a brief introduction to you and your company. Make sure they understand your costs, services, and the fundamentals of how your business operates.

Following the initial conversation, it's crucial to have follow-up actions. It's possible that some businesses will ask the pet parent customer to fill out their information (see below), or you might want to schedule the precise day, time, and location (in person or digitally) at the conclusion of your initial phone contact.

Let the Client Fills out Forms

It can save you both time during the meeting if your potential customers fill out their pet's information and sign your contract beforehand. It may also be a further sign of how serious a potential customer is about using your services. Clients may fill out all of this information online quickly and efficiently if you utilize pet-sitting software like Scout. If you don't have pet-sitting software, think about sending the customer your documentation in advance by email. The Meet & Greet can be scheduled with the client once they have finished everything and you have evaluated it.

Getting Things Started

A good meet and greet depend on establishing a secure and friendly setting. Make sure the area is safe, secure, and free from any potential threats whether it's your client's home or a pet care facility.

Introductions and Assessments

During the meet and greet, it's crucial to observe how their pet reacts to the new environment and the individuals present. Allow their pet to explore the surroundings at their own pace, but be vigilant for any signs of discomfort or stress. Likewise, observe the fur parent's interactions with their pet. Look for cues of experience, compassion, and understanding.


During the meet-and-greet process, it is essential to be open and honest with one another. Share pertinent details about the behavior, health history, and any unique requirements of your pet. Inquire about the provider's protocols, practices, and emergency procedures. Establish explicit guidelines for the feeding, exercise, administration of medications, and any other unique needs for the care of your pet.

Keep an eye on compatibility

It is crucial that your pet and the pet care provider get along. Keep an eye on how your client's pet interacts with you and vice versa. Check to see if they have behavioral patterns, how they act around strangers, and so on. Check to see if your client's pet seems at ease and attentive to their surrounding. Ask some questions about how they typically behave and what are their tendencies so you are well-equipped when you are providing your services to them.

Examine the Waters

To see if your and their pet get along, think about setting up a trial period. You may then determine how well their pet is adjusting to the new environment and routine. Watch for any behavioral alterations or indications of stress. Communicate with the pet parents in a similar manner to make sure they are meeting your expectations for care and are aware of their pet's needs.

Reaction and Follow-Up:

Make time to think about your experience after the meet and greet. Take into account your reactions to their pets as well as your general opinion of the said event. If it's okay with you, offer helpful tips to help future customers have a better experience when caring for their pets. Inquire about their pet's habits and any advice the pet parents may have to ensure a seamless transfer when the schedule arrives.

What to Bring to the Meet & Greet

Meet and greets are just as important as the first day of school. It's a chance for you to get to know your pet's and its fur parents' environment. It's also a great opportunity to make a good first impression on first-time clients, increasing the chances of repeat customers! So, it's important to get prepared. Here is some of the stuff you should bring when doing your meet and greets.

Client/Pet Information Printout

You can print out any online forms your client completed and bring them with you to the Meet & Greet so you can go through them with them. Beforehand, go over the papers and make a note of or underline any information you want to get from the client. You might wish to share your screen to go through this information if your meet and greet are virtual.

Bring your paper forms or contract if you didn't have your customer complete everything online.

Treats: Since most pets enjoy them, having some will help them warm up to you more quickly. Bring some snacks to give the pets so you can establish strong communication with the pets and have a feel for their behavior, provided they don't have any dietary limitations or concerns about food aggression.

Business Cards - Bring a few business cards. The client may want some for their friends and one for themselves.


For both you and your client's pet to have a happy and stress-free experience, you must master the pet care meet and greet. You'll be well-equipped to make an informed choice about your pet's care by completing in-depth research, preparing the environment, communicating clearly, and determining compatibility. Always follow your gut and put your pet's welfare first. You can discover how to be the ideal pet sitter who will offer their furry buddy the love and attention they deserve with careful planning and thinking. Scout for Pets is a great tool you can take advantage of for your pet-sitting business. It allows you to easily create a profile for your pet-sitting business, which includes information such as your location, services offered, hours of operation, and rates. You can also add photos and videos of your pet-sitting business. Discover how simple it is to get started and unlock your business growth by downloading Scout today for free!

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