Stripe & Affiliates - March 2023 Product Updates

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More updates from us at Scout HQ:

Stripe - It is finally here! Your customer payments can now be transitioned to Stripe. Check out this video for Brent’s Stripe walkthrough.

If you are still on Braintree and would like to move your existing payment cards over, follow the steps in this link. We are here to assist in getting everybody over to Stripe. Support for Braintree will be ending.

Branded app customers - we will be reaching out directly to you to update your apps and move over your payments.

Affiliate - Have friends that could use Scout? Refer them to us and make 30% of the revenue every month. Many of you have asked for referral codes so we are excited to finally launch this. Let’s make some money together! Sign up here.

In-App Messaging - We've started a pilot for built-in messaging. If you want to participate in the pilot, please respond to this email and let us know. We will be adding companies each week to the feature.

Have a great week!

Brent & Colin

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