4 Ways to Make Father's Day a Daddy-Dog Day

Table of Contents

Fathers of all the human kiddos out there aren’t the only ones that need love on Father’s Day. Dog dads need a little too! We scoured the web for a fun and creative Dog Father’s Day present but came up empty-handed. Why does it need to be about presents and cards that don’t even last? Why not take the day to do something fun and unique with your fur friends and make a memory that will last a lifetime?

  1. Celebrate with funny portraits. Whether you hire a professional or take immaculate selfies, make sure to capture the moment with your pups. Don’t forget to dress for the occasion and embrace your inner quirkiness.
  2. Visit a dog-friendly restaurant. Try your local ice cream shop. Something sweet for you and a doggie sundae for Fido. Better yet, find a local yappy hour!
  3. Make it a ride and adventure day. I've never had a dog that didn’t love riding in the car, windows down with their tongue in the breeze. Take this to the next level with a good hike. Use this time to get out of the house, de-stress and breathe in the fresh air. Does your pup despise car rides? Try Taking a walk to your local park, stroll through a different part of the city or pack a bag for a playdate at a nearby friend’s house.
  4. Woof, love, and chill. If all else fails, turn on your favorite K9 film and snuggle up. While your pizza order is of the utmost importance, don’t forget a tasty treat for your pups.

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