How to Take Your Dog for a Walk in Bad Weather

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When the weather is nice, isn't a dog walking the nicest part of your day? But what if it's too hot or too chilly, pouring, or snowing? If you're like most pet owners, you probably prefer to forego the walk entirely on such days! As a caring pet parent, you understand that skipping a walk isn't an option, so we thought we'd give some professional advice on dog walking in bad weather.

Maintain Consistency

When it's storming outside or the temperatures have risen above what you and your pet can physically bear, shortening your stroll may be OK. However, don't skip your stroll entirely. It's critical to keep your dog on a consistent daily walking routine to keep him in excellent physical health and to minimize accidents and behavioral difficulties.

Plan And Manage Your Dog Walking Route

While you must walk your dog at the same time every day, who says your path can't be altered? During particularly rainy or hot days, heavily tree-lined roadways may make your dog-walking tasks much simpler. If you need to shelter yourself from rainfall or the scorching sun, drive to an area where there are plenty of trees and walk your dog as you normally would.

Always Choose The Correct Gears

Purchase a doggie jacket and boots to protect your dog from harsh cold and/or rainy weather (if your little fashionista will wear them). You should also bring an extra drying towel with you while walking your dog in the rain or snow. The goal here is to keep your dog's fur as dry as possible while also assisting him in retaining body heat and avoiding dry, cracked paws.

Whether it's hot or freezing outdoors, if your dog has white fur or fur that is thinning in parts, apply doggie sunscreen before going for a walk! Carry some treats and clean drinking water for your dog to provide comfort food as you two battle the weather together.

Recruit A Dog Walker

If you simply cannot endure rainy weather or high temperatures for whatever reason, seek out a professional to walk your dog for you. In this manner, your dog may keep a steady routine and relish the wonderful outdoors without exposing yourself to the elements. Professional dog walkers, such as those hand-picked by Scout Pet Care Provider, are not only eager and prepared to go for a walk in all weather, but they've perfected the experience!

Always Show Consideration

Encourage, but never push, your dog to go for a walk in inclement weather. Keep an eye on him for symptoms of overheating (typically accompanied by excessive panting and drowsiness) or hypothermia. Always be mindful of your pet's feelings, and if he truly does not want to go outside in inclement weather, take him home immediately, opt for some indoor workouts, then resume dog walking when the weather gets better.

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