How to Show Appreciation to Your Dog Walker

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It takes a village to raise a dog, and dog walkers are an important part of that village for a lot of pet parents. Dog walkers often do more than just take our dogs for a walk. They often go above and beyond what is expected of them, stepping in at the last minute and sometimes even braving the weather.

Write them a thank-you letter.

In a world of text messages, emails, and other forms of digital communication, a thank-you note written by hand stands out. A handwritten note is more thoughtful and personal than a text message, and it shows your dog walker how much you appreciate them. Add specific times when your dog walker made your dog's day, or even a picture of your dog and walker together for an extra touch. Even though writing a short, heartfelt message takes only a few minutes, it will definitely make your walker's day!

Give them snacks

Dog walkers are always on the move. Your dog walker may not always have time to eat because they have to pick up your dog, walk it, take care of it, drop it off, and then go to the next client. Energy bars, trail mix, and fruit are easy to carry and fill. Flavored popcorn and individually wrapped candies can also make them smile. You can make these at home or buy them at the store. Your walker will be glad to have something to eat on busy days, no matter what.

Write a good review about them

People trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations, and leaving a good review for your dog walker can help them get more clients. So don't forget to give them 5 stars when Fido comes home. A couple of tips for writing a good review: don't make it too short and include as many details as you can. The more specific you can be, the more beneficial it will be to other pet parents and your walker. And while you're at it, you can tell your friends and family about your walker.


At the end of your dog's next walk, add an extra $10, $50, or some other amount to the tip you usually give. In addition to letting you enter a custom amount, Scout lets you add an extra tip for walks that are done. Extra money is always nice, and a bigger tip is a quick way to show your dog walker how much you appreciate them.

Gift a coffee or tea set

Etsy and Amazon both sell mugs that say "Best Dog Walker." You can give this to your walker along with a bag of coffee or a box of tea to help them start their active day on a good note. You can also add things like cookies, spoons, a tea infuser, or a French press if you want to be a little more fancy. This gift set is easy to put together, and your walker is sure to love it!

Buy them an organizer bag

Dog walkers have a lot of things to carry. Consider giving an organizer bag to your walker to help them do their job better. Goin' In Style! has a number of bags that both pet owners and professional dog walkers have said are great. These are big enough to hold big phones, snacks, keys, and other walking necessities, and they even have a place to put used trash bags!

Pay for their foot spa

Dog walkers are on their feet a lot, from early morning until late at night. Many of them have dogs of their own and have to walk them before going to their clients' houses. Dog walkers can get sore feet from walking several miles every day, but a gift certificate for a foot massage can take away the pain and keep the spring in their step.

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