How to Promote a Dog Walking Service

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Publish and Advertise

Without a website, it's nearly impossible for any business to survive; therefore, it's well worth dedicating the time and money to creating and publishing a website that effectively advertises your dog walking service.

Invest in Technology

Along with your website, keep in mind that there is a vast choice of software available to help you with almost every area of operating your business, and, in this instance, software intended to gather and handle your reservations will be a wonderful advantage.

Scout, for example, is a software solution for online scheduling and invoicing built exclusively for dog walking businesses. a software solution that includes real-time updates and in-app communications for dog walkers (and pet sitters). 

A Scout-branded app and custom website are the best combination to showcase your own brand with a custom logo and website design.

Utilize social media to its full potential

Your customers are almost certainly on one of the various social media sites, so why not join the conversation and take advantage of the opportunity to advertise your dog walking business?

When advertising your business, show your professionalism by making sure that your customers understand that you are completely certified and insured. Engage with postings to demonstrate that you are educated and helpful, and always maintain a professional demeanor.

Start Blogging

Combine your social media following with a blog on your website. A focused and properly produced blog may play an important part in marketing your business, so invest the time, imagination, and originality in developing an entertaining and consistent blog.

Use your blog to address questions from clients - or ones you wish they had asked - and to highlight the perks and advantages of the dog walking services you provide.

Post reviews (with permission from the reviewer) and photographs (again, with permission from the dog's owner).

Promotional Items

Today, it may be tempting to focus so much on electronic media that you forget traditional marketing methods such as brochures, flyers, and business cards.

You don't have to stop there; you could also provide promotional items such as dog toys to prospective customers' pets.

Business Page Listing

Most of your potential customers may look for dog walking services in your vicinity online through local business listings. So, make sure you're on as many of those listing sites as possible; many of them will provide a free listing for your business website, so take advantage of it.

Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Keep an eye out for opportunities to collaborate with established businesses and organizations in your vicinity. Contacts with your local animal shelter, pet shops, dog food and accessory providers, or organizations providing pet therapy to local care homes, hospitals, and hospices may be included.


The costs of starting a dog walking company are likely to be low. (You might want to look into Scout for further information.) However, you may spend money on promoting the brand so that you make the most of your market presence, get vital clients, and expand your business to that all-important successful bottom line.

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