How to Find a Reliable Home & Pet Sitter in 2023

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It can be hard and tiring to plan, get ready, and pack for a trip. It can also be hard to make sure the pets are taken care of. If you want some R&R, you might need to find reliable house sitters to take care of your home and pets while you're gone. Here are some tips to help you find the best house sitters in your area.

How to Look for Pet Sitting Services

If you're going away for a week or more, it might be a good idea to find someone to keep an eye on your house. Family or close friends are the best people to look at your house, but sometimes they can't or don't live nearby. In these situations, it makes sense to look into local house-sitting services. Ask your friends for recommendations. You could also start your research by opening a search engine. Here are some things you should think about:

How much will you pay a reliable petsitter?

After you find a reliable house sitter, you'll need to talk about payment, unless you're going to be gone for a long time and are willing to trade free rent for house sitting. Prices vary a lot based on where the home is and how big it is, but on average, pet care is included for about $50 per night. Most professional house sitters will take care of up to two pets at their regular rates before they have to start charging more.

Anticipate the worst

Statistics show that when you use a house sitter, it's very rare for something to go wrong. If you hire your caretaker from a website with a good reputation, these numbers go down even more. Still, there's a small chance that something unexpected could happen while you're gone. That's why you hire a reliable house sitter in the first place.

Some houses do have problems that no one is to blame for. A pipe might break. During a storm, a tree could break through a window. There are fires and break-ins. Expect the worst, but know that it's very unlikely that anything bad will happen to your house while someone is watching it.

How to Choose a Qualified House & Pet Sitter

When you hire a professional house sitter, the best way to reduce any risk is to do some research. When house-sitting, housekeeping makes three references. If the house sitter is just starting out, ask for three references from people who know how they act.

You're only making sure they're mature and responsible. Buying a home is a big deal. There may be issues, but you must have faith in your sitter before leaving. Having references will make you feel better.

Wrap Up

It is very important to have a professional and competent sitter to look after your home, pets, and other things while you are away. You can focus on the important things you want to do, especially if you are traveling for business and need more time. Most house sitters will keep your home safe and give your pets the love and care they need.

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