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What if I told you, your dog walking and pet sitting business could be making well over $100,000 a year?

Sounds great, right? Sales and marketing are all about attracting pet owners to your business. Having an informative website is a start, but what good is a website if it's not actually connecting you with your potential clients?'

Over eight years I've built a pet sitting business that earns almost half a million dollars a year and it all starts with getting people to fill out a form on my website.

Grow Your Pet Sitting Business

Being out and about with your client's dogs isn't the ideal time to answer phone calls from potential customers. These days, fewer and fewer people leave messages too. Before I put a form on my website, I was constantly returning missed calls with no idea who I was calling back. Most of the time it was some marketing firm trying to sell me a trip to Orlando. Ninety-nine percent of the time when a potential customer is interested, they fill out the form without even calling. Then I call them back when I have the time to answer their questions and book the meet and greet.

The form also helps me stay organized. When a potential customer does call me as a first course of action, I still ask them to visit my website and fill out the form before I'll schedule the meet and greet. This way I have all the information necessary, like a pet name, address and phone number available when I have the time to look at my schedule and set it up. I do make it a point to call people back within 24 hours or less.

I've tried all of the traditional advertising typical of dog walking businesses. From flyers and door hangers to ads in local publications, the best return on investment has been my website, specifically the free meet and greet form. When I started using a meet and greet form, I had to pay a web developer a bunch of money to make and regularly update a form for my website. It's the best investment I've ever made, and starting today we're giving it away for free to business owners who use Scout!

Introducing Leads

With Leads, Scout is introducing our first growth tool. Scout already has lots of tools to help reduce the administrative burden of running your business. Now that you have all that time on your hands, we want to help you fill it with new pet sitting customers. Embedding Leads into your website is easy as copy and paste.

Once Leads is installed on your website, visitors can request a meet and greet right from your website. Potential customers enter their information and business owners receive an email alert. You can view all the information right in Scout and when they sign up, convert them to a customer with the click of a button.

Check out our documentation for more information on getting started with Leads.

We truly believe that entrepreneur dog walkers and pet sitters are the best care providers for our pets, and we want to do everything we can to help you manage and grow your business. Feel free to reach out to us anytime, we're here to help.

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