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Our second community partnership is a very personal one for the Scout team. Greyhound Pets of America Delaware (GPA-DE) has played a critical role in Scout's history. It could be said, without GPA-DE, Scout might not even exist. In 2008, James adopted Mario and JJ (pictured) and not long after I had the opportunity to become their dog walker.  It was through that relationship that Scout was founded. For the months of April, May, and June,  10 percent of all our fees will go to helping Greyhounds in need.

About GPA Delaware

GPA-DE is a 501c3 charity run exclusively by volunteers. Their mission is to find responsible, loving homes for retired Greyhounds. They also educate people about what excellent and loving pets these gentle, retired racers make.

To get the word out about Greyhounds in need, GPA-DE participates in a number of events. This includes Sunday Greyhound walks held every week at various locations around Lewis, DE. In addition to participating in local events, GPA-DE has a robust local social media following. You can check them out on Facebook or see their latest YouTube video here.

How You Can Help

The best way to help is through adoption! If you would like to adopt a Greyhound, and you should because they're awesome, you can contact GPA-DE via one of the methods below:


Contact Info:adopt@gpadelaware.org

or by calling the following numbers:

(302) 731-2668(302) 399-7186

If you're not ready to adopt yet, or you have a full house, you can also donate along with Scout. More information about donating to GPA-DE can be found here.

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