Dyson: The Vacuum Every Pet Parent Needs

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Yesterday, I took Snuffy, my hyperactive doodle, to the groomer. Anyone who tells you a doodle doesn’t need regular grooming is lying, but I digress. When Snuffy goes to the groomer, he drinks like it’s the first time he’s ever seen water and it’s the only opportunity he’ll ever get. This is generally how Snuffy lives his life. Of course, when we get home, he throws up 3 gallons of water infused with partially digested breakfast. As a bonus, he went directly to a small rug that exists in a sea of wood and tile.

Normally, this would be a disaster to clean up, but I have a Dyson Animal. After using a couple of towels, I got all the water up, and with 4 back and forth movements, it was as if Snuffy had never puked all over the only rug in the entire house. Once it had a chance to dry out, I gave it a mist with some Natures Miracle, ran the Dyson one more time, and at that moment, all my shame over spending $400 on a vacuum cleaner washed away.

The Dyson is a monster!

While Snuffy may have the occasional pukefest, as a doodle, he keeps the shedding to a minimum. That’s where my cat, Bat Girl, takes up the slack. As a pet sitter, I meet a lot of cats, and none of them shed like my Bat Girl. To make things more interesting, my roommate is allergic to cats!

Without the Dyson, I’m not sure I would have been able to keep my roommate when Bat Girl moved in. I put an ad on Craig’s List offering a 6’4′ Pharmacist, and while the response rate was great, he just didn’t warm up to anyone the way I had hoped he would. Bat Girl has lived with us for a couple of years now, and I vacuum her room every couple of days with the Dyson Animal. It pulls her hair off of everything with minimal effort. There’s a small attachment complete with the rotating brushes of death. The best part is that my roommate doesn’t need a steady supply of drugs to live his best life, and he can keep paying me rent.

I give the Dyson Animal 5-Stars. I’ve yet to find something it can’t clean. The attachments are really effective at de-fuzzing hard to reach areas. I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that “It never loses suction”, Never! It may cost more than seems reasonable, but I’ve saved at least that much in rugs and rent. The Dyson Animal is a dream I never want to wake up from.

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