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The purpose of using dog walking software is to save time. In fact, the whole point of technology, in general, is to make completing tasks more efficient. Scout's dog walking software has a lot of time-saving features for everyone, dogs walking managers, staff, and pet parents.

Why We Make Dog Walking Software

Scout's mission is to empower dog walkers and pet sitters through the use of technology so they can provide the highest level of service to pets. We believe that pets are best served by professional pet sitters with strong ties to the communities in which they provide service. We also believe in helping the community through giving. It has been our experience, so far, that pet parents see extra value in the convenience Scout provides through our dog walking apps, and we will continue to add to that value.

We recommend pet sitting companies increase the prices of their services when implementing dog walking software.

Pass Dog Walking Software Fees to Pet Owners?

To help small businesses stay competitive we are continuously investing in the development of new, state of the art features. Simultaneously, we aim to give pet parents the convenience they’ve become used to. Most people are already accustomed to paying directly for the convenience of technology. Companies like InstaCart and Grubhub provide software to help increase sales at restaurants and supermarkets while charging an additional fee directly to customers, even when these businesses provide in-house delivery.

To help facilitate paying for Scout's dog walking software, we allow businesses to add a technology fee to their invoices as a separate line item.

By charging a small fee to each pet parent, businesses are able to defray the cost of implementing Scout into their business.

What Does Scout Do for Pet Parents?


With Scout, pet parents can request, edit or cancel appointments from the comfort of their home or on the fly.


Customers want to know their pet sitter actually showed up. Scout uses a combination of Photo Check-in and GPS verification to ensure there is no doubt they are using a trustworthy service.


Now that they know their pet sitter has arrived, pet owners will want to to know how everything went. Was Fido fed? Did they have a good time? Where did they go? Scout answers all these questions and more! We pass along in-service photos, a dog walking report card, and any special notes from the dog walker. In addition to communicating in-service details, Scout also lets pet parents know their appointments are approved and allows them to communicate important daily notes directly to their dog walker.

No-hassle Payments

When business owners take advantage of our automated billing features, pet parents enter their credit card right in the app. Each week they are billed for services rendered. It's totally hands-free and convenient for pet parents to pay for dog walking services.

What are the Pet Parents Saying about Scout?

Scout is currently being used by over a thousand pet owners and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!

“Your new app is fantastic. When I'm away the app makes it incredibly easy to get updates, notes, and pictures that show how happy my dogs are with your walkers.”Vince R.

While no one is ever ecstatic about a price change, consumers have become more and more willing to paying for convenience through technology. This has become evident by the meteoric rise of services such as Lyft, Uber, Airbnb and many more. We believe Scout's dog walking software offers enough value, through convenience, to support increasing your prices.

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