Review: Scout for Dog Walkers And Pet Sitters App

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Using the Scout App the last few months has been great! I can tell they put a lot of thought into the way it functions day to day for dog walkers.  I have used a number of different software and Scout is the best. It's so easy to find the information I need and to let clients know how everything went. I love the report card! All the important notes I need are right there, and I can leave the customer message section for the fun stuff.

The app has so many features that make my job easier. It also helps keep my clients and me on the same page. In my current role, I primarily work at our store. When needed, I do a lot of filling in for days off and stuff, so I don’t get to meet many of the pet owners. The pet profile has so much helpful information. I'm always well prepared when I arrive. I liked creating a profile to share a little bit about myself too. Giving my clients a picture of their pet and a map to let them know where we went is really neat. I take pride in doing a good job, so I like that the owners get to see that.

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