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I was a Senior Internal Auditor before I started dog walking. Meeting accounting deadlines makes managing your personal life a challenge. I’m sure this is the case in many industries. At the last minute, you might have to stay late in order to finish a project or travel out of town without notice. In those cases, my first move was to contact my pet sitter. Contacting him required some combination of phone tag, text and email. If he was out doing walks all day, it could take the better part of the afternoon to get it sorted out.

At Scout, we set out to make this process a whole lot better. We provide local pet sitting businesses with state-of-the-art software and give you the convenience of a mobile app with the benefit of using a trusted service provider. After all, working long, erratic hours is stressful enough. Knowing your furry family members are well cared for can make the situation a lot better.

Stay on the Same Page with Your Pet Sitter

Scout makes keeping an open line of communication with your pet sitter a breeze. You’re able to leave a one-time note for your pet sitter when scheduling or editing an appointment. This is in addition to the everyday notes in your pet’s profile. When you leave your pet sitter one of these notes, they’re alerted visually in their mobile app, This way they don’t miss it.

During the checkout process, pet sitters have the ability to write you a detailed note for the visit. This can be a place to let you know what a great time your pet(s) had, or to communicate any difficulties that arose during the visit. Now you and your pet sitter are on the same page!

Make Scheduling Changes on the Fly

How often do you wake up in the morning thinking you know exactly how your day is going to go, but by 10 AM the world has different plans? Scout’s mobile app for pet owners helps you manage your pet’s care when life throws you a curveball. You can create,  edit or cancel appointments from anywhere. Push notifications alert your pet sitter to last-minute additions, time changes, and cancellations. You just open the app, make a change and leave the rest to Scout.

Have Peace of Mind

Do you want to be certain your pet sitter showed up? Do you like to know how far your dog was walked? Scout builds transparency and accountability in every aspect of our process. With Scout, when your pet sitter checks in, you receive a live photo of your pet(s) so you know the sitter actually showed up. Upon completion of service, you’ll receive the check-in and check-out times and any additional photos taken during the visit. A GPS map shows you exactly where your pet went, and the report card provides a summary of all the services your pet sitter performed such as feeding, medication, taking in the mail, etc.

Are you interested in having Scout available to you? Your pet sitter can sign up in minutes and they can contact us anytime with questions. We don’t bite!

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