6 Tips for Successful Pet Sitting

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Do you love animals and want to make a living by taking care of other people's pets? That's great, but before you start, make sure you know what you need to do to run a successful pet sitting business.

Even though more people are getting pets, COVID-19 has stopped people from traveling out of the country. Still, it's possible that more people will choose to spend their vacations at home.

But if you're just starting out or if your business has hit a plateau, it's important to know the steps that will help make your pet-sitting business a success. Here are six tips that you can use to get the most out of what you do.

Expand your knowledge

Now is the time to think about what you know about caring for pets and how you can learn more. Are you good at taking care of dogs with behavioral problems? Do you know more about cats than dogs? Are you ready to help if an animal gets hurt?

Keep up with legal standards

Laws and rules can change, and sometimes new ones are made. So, if you want your pet sitting business to do well, it's important to keep up with the law.

Also, if you plan to train your clients' animals outside of your home, make sure you know when and where it is legal to do so. The time of year can change when dogs can run free.

Maintain high-quality service

Every business needs good service that stays the same. Not only will your clients appreciate it, but it's also possible that they'll tell their friends about you.

During pet sitting, you might teach your furry client a new trick. Or maybe you bake some homemade treats for your four-legged friend to give as a prize. You might even buy some milk to leave in the fridge if you see that your client is running low and you know they need it. Even small things can have big results.

Adding services without getting paid for them is not the point. But if there are small things you can do to go above and beyond, this can really help your pet sitting service stand out from others.

Advertise your business

It's important to advertise your business often. After all, you can lose a client at any time. Certainly, it's a win-win if you can find something you like to do that also helps people learn about your pet sitting service. For example, if you like to write, you could start a blog about life as a pet sitter and promote it on social media.

If you like to be creative, you could make a brochure or flyer that you could leave at pet shops, groomers, vet clinics, and animal shelters in your area.


Networking is beneficial for both professional and personal success. However, if you envision individuals in suits and awkward conversations over expensive dinners when you think of networking, you're wrong.

Regular discussion and the recommendations of individuals you know are all it takes to network effectively.

Love what you're doing and love yourself

Without sounding too hippy, it's important to love yourself if you want to run a successful and busy pet keeping business. In fact, self-care tips are just as important for people who work as pet sitters as they are for people who work as veterinarians.

Many pet sitters feel stressed and worried when they have too many clients because they don't know how to say no. In the same way, they might have a "difficult" client and not know how to get rid of them without making more trouble.

Make sure you check in with yourself often to see how you're doing. If you do feel stressed, write down what you think might be making you feel that way. Once you know what causes the stress, you can start looking for ways to deal with it and feel less stressed.

Sure, it can be hard to find time for yourself when you have back-to-back plans. But this must be the most important thing. After all, you won't be able to take care of your furry clients if you let your health go bad.

So, make plans. Schedule monthly checkups for your health. Plan time to work out and give yourself a day off once a month to relax and recover. Once you make these things a habit, not only will you see the rewards, but it will also be much easier to do (and you won't feel guilty!).

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