5 Things A Pet Sitter Should Never Do

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A pet sitter's job is both rewarding and fun. You have the opportunity to care for and interact with pets. There are, however, some things you should never do as a pet caretaker. We want you to succeed! Today, we will discuss five things you should avoid as a pet sitter so that you can continue to be successful.

Leaving The Door Open

Always close the door behind you when entering and exiting the residence. If you leave the door open by accident, the pet you're watching may escape, and you may find it difficult to catch it. If you misplace the pet you're watching, you could be in big trouble with your client. Always be cautious and ensure that all doors are closed. If there is a fence or the pet is on a leash, feel free to let the pet run around the yard; otherwise, keep the pet inside and closely monitored.

Missing Scheduled Appointments

As a pet sitter, if you miss a visit or an appointment, it can hurt your reputation. You've worked hard to be a competent pet sitter, and not everyone can do your job and be a good pet sitter. You don't want to jeopardize your credibility with your clients by missing visits. Make sure to show up on time for all of your scheduled appointments. If you are unable to make a visit, notify your client as soon as possible.

Leaving Fragile Items with Pets

If you must leave the room while pet-sitting, make sure there are no fragile items within the pet's reach. If they break something while under your supervision, you may be held liable to replace it. If you have to, move something to a different spot or take it out of the room. In this scenario, it's better to be cautious than sorry.

Entertain Visitors

It might seem safe to invite guests inside the house where you are pet-sitting. Your customer has trusted you to enter their property and be in their personal space. So, if you want to respect their privacy, don't let someone else or another pet into their home unless they've given you permission first.

No Insurance Policy

Now is the time to purchase pet sitter insurance if you don't have it yet. Pet sitters and other pet care providers are protected by insurance. If you purchase insurance, you can get the necessary coverage for around $139—$150 per year. When you have an insurance policy in place, you can be protected from some of the hazards described above. Invest in a policy as soon as you can to allow you to do the things you love while feeling secure. Depending on the company, you can fill out an application online and get coverage right away. You can go to your local pet insurance provider or do some internet research.

Have Fun!

As a pet sitter, you are exposed to different types of risks. Make sure you are aware of them, and most importantly, enjoy your work! Make sure the doors are constantly locked, that you don't skip your visits, that you don't leave pets alone with fragile items around, that you avoid bringing visitors into the house, and that you have pet sitter insurance. We wish you all the best in your pet-sitting career!

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