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Scout is a pet sitting app for businesses of all sizes. The platform provides all of the tools you need to create a professional experience for pet parents.
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for business

For Businesses

Automated billing, timely notifications, and other features keep you moving in the right direction.
for staff

For Staff

Conquer your daily jobs with simple scheduling tools, accessible client info, and mobile notifications.
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For Pet Parents

Automated payments, GPS tracking, photo check-ins, and other trust-building features.

How Scout Works for You

Wow your customers and grow faster with Scout

Hands-Free Billing

Invoices generated. Credit cards charged. Receipt sent. All while you sleep.
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Smart Charges

Automatically add fees for additional pets, weekends, holidays, cancellations, and last-minute bookings.
Payment Remiders

Instant Notifications

Sh*t happens! Scout keeps managers, dog walkers and pet parents in sync.

Great features and has made scheduling, billing and payroll much easier

Really smart, innovative and comprehensive features. The interface is intuitive and attractive. Scout makes scheduling easy and significantly cuts down the amount of time I need for billing, payroll, and texting/emailing with clients. Scout's customer service is very responsive and helpful. Best dog-walking business app I've seen out there."

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60 day money-back guarantee