Every month, Scout sponsors a Pet Entrepreneur Meetup (Denver, Philadelphia) in various cities. One of our Philadelphia Meetup members built a free app, Feline Finder, and we wanted to share it with you. Feline Finder is an app that helps cat lovers adopt the purrfect cat to fit their lifestyle Check it out!


Feline Finder was created by software engineer, and full time cat lover, Greg Williams. Shortly after Greg started to work on this pet project, he discovered a way to use the app and help rescue cats in need. Overpopulation is a huge problem and leads to the death of too many animals living in shelters. Greg hopes Feline Finder can help by finding homes for homeless cats.

Feline Finder is connected electronically to a non-profit called RescueGroups. Shelters enter their information into RescueGroups, and Feline Finder can use the info you enter to narrow the search. Once you log in and fill out the short survey, you have the ability to “favorite” cats you like and keep tabs on their availability. If you find a cat thats a good fit, there are several ways for would-be pet parents to contact the shelters. Are you not quite ready to bring a new pet into your home? You can still get involved! Tap the share button to post adoptable cats to your social social media accounts.

Right now Greg is trying to get the word out about his app and start helping pets in need. Download Feline Finder today and help reduce the population of homeless pets.

Get connected with all things Feline Finder by downloading the Feline Finder mobile app from the Apple app Store or checking out the website.


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