Mobile App for Pet Sitters

Scout brings intuitive design and innovative engineering to pet sitters everywhere.

Scout delivers real time information to keep pet sitters informed and on task

Receive Change Notifications

With the Scout App, pet sitters can see a list of changes to their schedule in an easy to manage notification center.

Access Customer Information

Dog walkers and pet sitters can review important information before arriving to a client’s home.

View Schedule

Scout’s user friendly interface allows staff members to easily view their current and upcoming appointments.

Location Access

To save time and improve accuracy, pet sitters can access an easy to read, daily list of keys.

Scout’s advanced check in process provides accountability through improved communication


Check In at the Door

Scout stores check in location and provides feedback to pet sitters


Home Security Screen

Scout alerts pet sitters when a security system is in place


Real Time Updates

Photo check in and timer provide pet owners with peace of mind

Take in app photos

The Scout App lets your clients join in on the fun with in-app photos. An instant access button helps you catch that perfect moment. Pet sitters can capture and share precious memories with pet owners with one click.

Fill out a report card

Clear communication is a customer service necessity. The Report Card allows dog walkers and pet sitters to provide pet parents with all the pertinent information without all the typing. Simply check off each service or add-on after it’s completed. You can use the notes section for more detailed information or to tell the owners what a great time you had.

Leave internal notes

While communicating with pet parents is important, its equally important to have internal communication. After completing the check out process, care takers have the option to leave an internal note for management. To ensure internal notes remain internal, staff notes can only be submitted once a walk has been completed.